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Price list of Postal Parcels from Different Countries to the United States

More and more small goods on E-commerce platform, such as mobile phone case, headset cable, speaker, bracelet, power bank and other goods less than 2kg, are transported from Chinese businesses by postal parcels to the final consumers in the United States. These platforms include: Aliexpress / Ebay / Wish, Light In The Box, DHgate;

Freight of Parcels from Hong Kong to the United States
Serial number Country Two-letter code Freight / kg Registration fee / set
45 U.S.A US 68.98 29.78
Freight of EUBG from Guangzhou to the United States
Country Weight Standard price(RMB/KG) Registration fee / set Discount (same discount for registration fee )
U.S.A 50-2000g(starting weight 50g) 65 15 5%off
Freight of Parcels from Malaysia to the United States
Country Registration fee+(MYZR) Surface mail+(MYPP)
Unit Price RMB / KG Registration fee / set Unit Price RMB / KG Handling fee /set
U.S.A 63.00  26  58.30  6.20 
Freight of Postal Parcels from China to the United States
Country of Destination Destination Country Code of China Post Order System Six Provinces Offline
0~150g(including 150g) 150~300g(including 300g) More than 300g
Basic postage
(yuan / kg)
Registration fee
(yuan / piece)
Basic postage
(yuan / kg)
Registration fee
(yuan / piece)
Basic postage
(yuan / kg)
Registration fee
(yuan / piece)
U.S.A US 53.00  18.00  53.00  18.00  53.00  18.00 
Freight of DHL Delivered to the United States
Region Country(English) Country(Two-letter code) Country(Chinese) Registered mail
Country(Chinese) Surface mail(DEPY)
Unit Price RMB/KG Registration fee
/ set
Unit Price  RMB/KG Handling fee /set
27  United States US 美国 94.12 19.55 美国 83.04 8.11
Freight of Parcels from Holland to the United States
Two-letter code Country(English) Country(Chinese) Registered mail
Surface mail(NLPY)
Freight(RMB/KG) Registration fee
/ set
Freight(RMB/KG) Handling fee (RMB/set)
US USA  美国 72.58  27.82  70.68  10.09 




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