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What documents are needed for international air freight export and import

Here we will introduce in detail all the documents involved in the international air freight process, such as: international air freight inquiry, air cargo booking, export customs declaration for air cargo, customs clearance, consignee, and the documents for each step of air freight.

What are the airfreight clearance documents, what materials are needed for airborne random documents, and so on. If you know more about the various international air freight documents, you can become an expert for air freight.

Foreign trade staff who know these air freight documents can prepare the customs clearance materials for customers in advance. The staff engaged in international air freight forwarders can master the international air freight documents. The customer provides high-quality professional services, and can solve the problem in time and accurately for customers encountered with various problems.

The import and export documents for air freight we frequently use are: Air freight booking order, packing list, commercial invoice, air waybill, PACTL, power of attorney for chemical goods, non-critical insurance letter for chemical products, shipping mark for chemical product, situation description, shipping mark for air cargo, magnetic inspection report, certificate of origin, air cargo receipt, logistics guarantee, security checklist for air cargo, bill of lading, customs declaration, customs clearance, statement.

Clearance Documents for Air Freight

Before introducing international air freight exports and import, let us first understand a word "documents with air freight" that is often used in international air freight. What is an "documents with air freight"?

The documents with air freight can also be called clearance documents for air cargo, which is mainly used by the consignee to do customs clearance at the destination customs. In the air freight, some related documents such as packing list, invoice, certificate of origin, etc. need to be printed out and stamped the official seal of the shipping company.

The airlines need to transport these documents together to the destination airport and deliver them to the consignee. These documents are very important for the consignee to do clearance customs.

Many countries, such as Central and South America and Middle East countries, must need original documents for customs clearance. They cannot use the electronic version. Therefore, if the air documents are not delivered to the airline before air freight, then the documents can only be delivered to the consignee.

However, the delivery time of international express is likely to be slower than the time for air freight. It is often the case that the air cargo arrives at the destination airport and the customs clearance documents have not arrived yet, so the cargo can only be placed at the airport. There will be additional warehouse fees and cause losses to the consignee.

Clearance documents for general cargo include: packing list, commercial invoice, air waybill. For countries with special products and customs clearance requirements, confirm with the consignee what materials are needed before preparing the customs clearance documents for customers. If the customer is a newbie who does not understand what documents are needed, it is necessary to promptly remind the customer to contact with the customs clearance agent to confirm which documents are needed.

Air packing list

There are two types of air packing lists. One is Chinese packing list before export declaration, and the other is English packing list, which is used by the consignee for customs clearance at the port of destination.

The contents of the air packing list should include: product name, number of boxes, net weight, gross weight, size of the single product, material, use, quantity of each product name per box, product customs code, size of box, shipping order for outer box, the details of the shipping company.

This is the content of the complete air packing list, which can be designed by itself or by an international air freight booking agent.

Air freight commercial invoice

The commercial invoice for air freight is the same as that for international shipping. It only needs to provide English documents, mainly for the consignee to declare the detailed value of goods to the destination customs.

The detailed contents of the air freight commercial invoice include: invoice number, date, shipping company and receiving company, box number, product name, quantity, product item, total product price, product picture, receiving bank information, official seal of shipping company , transportation terms.

In addition to the customs clearance for the consignee, the commercial invoice for air freight is also a document for the domestic bank to receive the US dollar. Since the US sanctions against Iran and North Korea in 2017, the United States has requested all banks in the world to remit or receive money.

When the US dollar is not available, it will not be related to these two countries. Otherwise, the corresponding bank will be charged a huge fine.

Therefore, when the domestic bank company receives the US dollar, it must require a transaction certificate for each remittance, otherwise the bank will not receive the remittance, and put this money into your bank account and you may return it.

Air freight commercial invoices are also important documents for the consignee to pay to your company. Usually, the customer will pay the bank account according to the invoice. This is a very important thing in international trade. This will prevent transfers to other banks and prevent being deceived.

Booking power of attorney for air cargo

The booking power of attorney for air cargo is a very important document in international air freight, equivalent to a contract between the shipper and the international air freight forwarding company. The international air freight forwarding agency will arrange international air freight services according to the contents of the booking power for air cargo and the need to confirm the correctness. The booking power of attorney for air cargo is equivalent to an instruction indicating what work is to be performed and what the fee is.

The details of the booking power of attorney for air cargo include: shippers, consignee, departure airport, destination airport, product name, number of pieces, weight, volume, airline, when flight, air price, other additional services.

Fill in the booking power for air freight and add the business or official seal of company and make a PDF or picture format, scan, fax or mail to the international air freight forwarding company for air booking. Since this document is a valid contract between you and the international air freight agent in international air freight, it is not recommended to use QQ or WeChat, call or use in the form of booking power for air freight.

The booking power of attorney for air cargo should be provided before the goods are produced (preferably one day ago). If it is possible to confirm the need for accurate information a few days earlier, it is easier to arrange for earlier flights during the peak season. Airlines arrange cabins based on booking time, which is the same as airline tickets. The sooner you buy, the easier it is to buy.

Air waybill

The air waybill is the only document for the customer at destination airport to pick up the goods from the warehouse of airline. Only with the air waybill, the consignee can pick up the goods smoothly and timely.

The air waybill is not the same as the international ocean bill of lading. The air waybill has only the original bill of lading, no telex release bill of lading or CWB bill of lading.

The original air waybill will be transported to the consignee along with the goods. The airline will not give the shipper or the international air freight forwarding company, which means that once the air waybill is confirmed, the consignee can receive the goods directly by default. The airline will contact the consignee to directly or arrange to hand over the air waybill directly to them.

It is a relatively risky international trade. Unlike sea transportation, there is a genuine bill of lading. The shipping company can also decide whether to release the goods and when to ship them, after choosing international air freight, it is recommended to receive the payment before checking the bill of lading, that is, all air freight.

The contents of the air waybill include: detailed information of the shipping company and the shipping company (full name of the company, address, telephone number, contact person), notifier (optional), airport of departure, destination airport, product name, number of pieces, and shipping mark. Other information on air waybills: box size, weight, volume, date of departure, flight number, bill of lading number, contact information of airline at the destination airport, the air freight are provided by the airline company, it is no need for the shipper to give these information again when provide shipping instructions (filling in the correct information).

When provide shipping instructions, it is necessary to check and confirm that all the information is accurate. If the goods are required to be modified after the take-off, there are the additional fees and the time will be delayed.

The contents of the air waybill are consistent with the booking power of attorney for air cargo .

Warehouse Receipt for Air Freight

The warehouse receipt for air freight is also called the warehouse map for air freight, after air booking, the airline confirms the cabin and give the warehousing instructions, usually to the consignor or international air freight forwarder, and then according to the warehouse address on the warehouse map and warehousing number deliver the goods to the designated warehouse.

The warehousing map should be printed out to the delivery driver. When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the warehouse receipts should be sent to the warehouse, and the warehouse will arrange the warehousing and provide the unloading service.

Other related documents of air freight export and import cannot be introduced one by one. The main ones are the above documents.

If you need to know other documents of air freight: declaration information of air cargo, air freight statement, transportation safety guarantee letter for chemical cargo(PACTL), power of attorney for chemical product, non-hazard letter for chemical product, shipping mark for chemical product, cargo description, shipping mark of air cargo, magnetic inspection report, certificate of origin, logistics guarantee, security inspection and declaration list for air cargo, shipping instructions, customs declaration, customs clearance, statement, etc., if you want to know other information, please contact us.

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