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International air freight process import and export

For customers who have not used or just used international air freight, understanding the entire process of air freight import and export will help to better understand and choose international air freight services.

On the Internet, some of the processes you have seen about international air freight may not be complete and the procedures may be different. We can from the professional perspective angle explain the entire process of air freight from China to the world and from abroad to China.

This is the most complete and professional process. After reading this process, you don't need to search for other ones.

Air Freight Process for export from China

The process of air freight export from China to all countries of the world. If you are importing products from China or your company is in China, you need to use international air freight to deliver the goods to foreign customers, and this solution is very suitable.

  • 1.Inquiry, provide the name of the goods, the number of pieces, the size of the package, the weight, the departure airport and the destination airport, when you need to order the flight, the details and requirements about air freight, and the international air freight forwarder can provide solutions and give quotation for you. The air freight forwarder will give you accurate air freight charges, airlines, flight information, etc.
  • 2. Booking, according to the detailed information of the air quotation, fill the exact information, such as: the shipper, consignee, destination airport, and cargo according to the booking format of the air freight forwarder, plus their own official seal, and the mail is officially Booking with the agent, air freight agent colleagues also make corresponding bookings and flights to the airline.
  • 3. Delivery and warehousing,
  • 4. Export clearance
  • 5. Inspection at airport, inspection and quarantine / magnetic inspection / chemical inspection
  • 6. Clearance documents at destination port
  • 7. Air waybill
  • 8. Pay for air freight
  • 9. International air freight export
  • 10. Custom clearance at destination airport
  • 11. Pay for the fee at destination airport
  • 12. Destination delivery

The process of international air freight export shows that how to transport a batch of general goods from China, some fees are charged according to your terms of trade such as: FOB or EXW, and you only need to pay the corresponding air freight.

The first "inquiry" and "booking" must be completed. These two steps are the most important. Finishing the two tasks means that the entire export air transport has been pr-arranged, and the rest work can be handled by the international air freight forwarder.

It is important to note that whether flight be booked at the nearest time or the departure time you need is available to meet requirements of your customer, including: Whether the cargo can be delivered at the destination airport. This needs to be confirmed with the booking agent. If there are no matching flights, you will need to find other airlines to provide flight services.

For large quantities of goods, cargo aircraft may not be able to arrange to transport goods at one time. Is there enough air freight capacity at the international transit airport to transport so many goods to the destination airport? Does it need to wait several times or wait a few days to arrange to transport?

International process of air freight import

  • A. Inquiry
  • B. Booking
  • C. Delivery to the warehouse
  • D. Export clearance
  • E. Check the bill of lading
  • F. Pay for the fees
  • G. Air freight import
  • H. Delivery for agent
  • I. Customs clearance air freight import
  • J. Delivery

The process of air freight import is a little steps less than international air freight export, in fact, the steps are similar. Air cargo will be transported from foreign countries (USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe) to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Fuzhou, Chongqing and other airports in China.

The advantage of using the services of the local air freight forwarders in China is that they can provide customs clearance, customs warehouse, delivery and other services when the goods arrive at airport in China. At the same time, international air freight forwarders in China have better relationship with foreign agents, and the air freight is relatively cheaper than that the local international air freight forwarders.

The key to the process of air freight import is also the first process, if the process are clearly identified, and the latter can be completed smoothly and on schedule.

Whether it is the process of air freight export or the process of air freight import for the different products, different airlines, the different international air freight forwarders need to arrange air freight carefully and timely, deal with various problems encountered. The experienced air freight forwarders need to prepare those information and certificates material in advance for each step and they can communicate with you well in advance about what problems may be encountered, so that your goods can smoothly be transported to the destination airport throughout the process of air freight.

Export process for general cargo needs to refer to the above “ introduction for the process of air freight export”, it can completely meet the needs of the person just engaged in international air freight. If you know from other places that there are differences with this process, please take this as the standard because it is the absolutely complete and correct and authoritative process of air freight!

According to the above description, whether you are an importer in China or a seller abroad, if you need to sell goods to China, you can refer to the process of air freight import provided by Goodhope Logistics (Group) Limited, so that you can understand the process of air freight import simply and clearly.

For the complete chart of air freight export, please click on and download “the chart of air freight export.” According to this chart, you can clearly understand what to do first and then what to do next.

The booking process of air freight export is that the shipper ask international air freight forwarder to booking to the airlines according to “booking order for air freight from the shipper. This process of air freight export requires the shipper to complete the information of the air waybill and negotiate the air freight price with the air freight forwarder.

In the process of commodity inspection for air freight, most imported goods need to be inspected by the local customs in China before the goods is imported. When the goods arrive at the airport, the international air freight forwarder can arrange to transport the goods to the local customs warehouse, and entrust that customs clearance company take out the samples and send the samples to the local Commodity Inspection Bureau for commodity inspection. The process of commodity inspection for air freight import is an important work in the process of international air freight.

When making an enquiring for air freight, you need to confirm the commodity inspection fees with the international air freight forwarder and know who pays the fees. After confirmation, you don't worry about how to finish the commodity inspection when the goods arrived.

The return process of air freight export is equivalent to that of air freight import, which can refer to as the process air freight import. The difference between return process and general cargo import is that customs clearance can be made according to 0 tariff when importing air cargo, which saves a lot of formalities and cost for air cargo import. Although the return process of air freight export is the same as that of air freight import, you need to provide the customs with the “Return for Export Customs Clearance”, that is, the information you declared to the customs when you export to China.

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