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How to choose International Airports of departure

Engaging in international air freight, you need to be familiar with the major international airports of each country, including: the United States, China, Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, Central and South America... and the detail information of these international airports: geographical location, city, airport code, full name, which are the most basic skills for a professional air freight forwarder, because the air freight provided by airlines often display with the professional terms, it does not use the full name and the local airport name, the airport code on the different documents or air waybills and the usage habits are different according to the customers.

Not all customers have their own international airports. For example, there are two international airports in Dubai, one is DXB Dubai International Airport, and the other is Al Maktoum International Airport DWC, also known as Dubai World Center. The main one is passenger aircraft, and the other is cargo aircraft.

The volume of cargo transportation and efficiency of customs clearance of the two airports are different, and air cargo need to be transited at these two airports to African, Middle Eastern and South American countries and the airtime is different, so it is necessary to be familiar with these two airports, only in which can provide customers with the best international air freight solution, saving time and saving air freight.

Which international airport to choose as the export airport

Engaged in international air freight forwarding in the peak season or go to some small airports, the customers need to choose air freight container, generally the goods need to use containers to transport to the destination, but because of the delivery time, so have to choose air freight to the destination, however, there is no the proper airports and air routes to ship the container cargo at one time, then need to measure whether the airport has the suitable aircraft and route to meet the customer's needs;

There are many international airports at the destination. It is well known that various airlines can provide customers with different air freight, which can also states the level of air freight forwarders. For example, the customers need to ship international cargo from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Miami International Airport. Miami is located in the eastern United States. There are several options for air freight from Shanghai:

1. Use direct flight; 2. Air freight from Shanghai to the famous international airport in the western United States - Los Angeles International Airport, then transfer to Miami International Airport by truck; 3. Air freight from Los Angeles International Airport to Miami International Airport; 4. Air freight from Shanghai to Chicago O'Hare Airport, then uses the truck to transfer to the Miami International Airport; 5. Air freight from the Chicago International Airport to the Miami International Airport;

In addition to these ways, you can transfer to Miami Airport from Toronto International Airport or New York Airport. Here is an example to illustrate that you can choose which international airports as the export airport, transit airport, destination airport.

The difference between international cargo airport and ordinary airport

The most important difference between an international cargo airport and an ordinary passenger airport is transportation or transit cargo. The passenger airport is mainly for transporting passengers. Generally the larger international airport can be divided into two distinct areas. For example, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, the passenger and cargo areas are completely separated, and the high-speed exit of these two areas are different. If you need to deliver goods to the warehouse at Bao’an International Freight Airport, you must follow the directions, and the international air freight forwarder can provide you with warehouse address. Be sure to keep in mind, do not drive directly into the "Bao’an International Airport" on the highway, there are cargo and passenger areas, you need to distinguish carefully, and the trucks are not allowed to enter the passenger areas, if you do it, you will be fined.

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