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Air Express China to all over the world

Which companies in China provide international air freight services from Shenzhen, China to the United States, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries.

Air Express China refers to air freight from one place to another, and door-to-door transport time is much less than land transport and maritime transport and rail transport. Customers can accept the goods in a short period of time, which is suitable for small quantities and time-bound cargo.

Air Express China -Types of Transport Service Companies

There are two types of air express China transport services in China: one is China domestic air express China transport service, which is air freight from one city to another in China; the another is air freight from China to all countries and religions in the world, providing door-to-door air freight services.

The difference between the two types of air freight: one is domestic logistics service, and the other is international logistics service. Different air express China companies provide different services. Companies engaged in domestic business are less than engaged in foreign countries, while companies responsible for foreign business don’t compete with domestic ones.

Which logistics companies provide air express transport services in China? Which logistics companies provide air express service from China to foreign countries?

Here is a brief introduction to two types of companies and their advantages and disadvantages.

Air express China transport service company provides domestic air freight services: (Yuantong) YTO Express, (Shentong) STO Express, SF Express, Yunda Express, (Zhongtong) ZTO Express,UC Express, Sure Express, Tiantian Express, Baishi Express, Quanfeng Express, China Post EMS; KYE Express and so on.

Different air express China transport companies provide different services and cost prices. SF Express is suitable for high-end business transport document, air freight door to door service for small goods, and delivery time is quite punctual. For example, the goods will be delivered to customers on time at 10:00 am on the next day after the goods is placed in major cities in China. If it is not delivered on time due to weather and other reasons, the courier will give you a call in advance to explain the reason. On the service, SF Express can be said to be the "Ferrari" in air express logistics in China, but the delivery cost is relatively high. The SF Express price between different provinces are a half higher than other air express companies in China. If you need to send large pieces of goods, it is best to consider which air express company to use.

“Yuantong Express, Shentong Express, Zhongtong Express and Yunda Express” occupy a large position in the air market express in China, and it also shows that these companies have a huge amount of cargo, which gives couriers a lot of pressure. At about 8 o'clock in the morning, they arrived at the company, waiting for the company to arrange the work and then dispatching goods to the customer.

If they don’t finish delivery in the morning, they will continue to deliver in the afternoon. Due to a large amount of goods, there are not enough couriers, and delivery time is not on time, so under these circumstances they don’t need to apologize to the customer for delay, and they will not compensate the customer for this reason, such as: the packaging damage of the goods, which belongs to normal situation.

These domestic air express companies have their own official prices and fees. The customers can use the computer, mobile app or phone to contact these companies that arranges to deliver. The customers in foreign countries who need to use air express service in China can also contact them directly to cooperate and discuss other matters.

Of course, it is unlike to give you a discount, because there are many air express companies in the country, and the competition between them is quite transparent, and the official price is already very low.

Air Express Services

China Air Express Co., Ltd. is able to provide services, and there are four major giants express in the world: DHL Sinotrans; FedEx Express; UPS United Parcel Service; TNT Express, these companies cover more than 90% of the international air express China parcel between China and the world.

DHL Express Services from China

DHL Sinotrans has an absolute advantage from Air Express China to Africa, the Middle East, Iraq, and Central and South America. It is not only low in these countries and regions, but also has better efficiency of customs clearance and local network security than other international air express companies.

FedEx express services from China

FedEx Express, European countries: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain; and Southeast Asian countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam; North America: USA and Canada. FedEx Express provides two services from China to the world, one is FedEx International Priority Freight service (FedEx IP ); the other is FedEx International Economy services (FedEx IE), the difference between the two services is that FedEx IP charge is high and fast, for example, the same package that using FedEx IP service is faster three days than using FedEx IE from Shenzhen Airlines to California in the United States. FedEx IP only takes one to two days while IE takes five days, and the differences between the two services in the peak season of air express China are obvious.

UPS air express China

The third air express China company worthy of introduction is UPS United Parcel Service. Like FedEx Express, it provides customers with different services, namely UPS RED and UPS BLUE (the one color is red, the another is blue), which represents different charges and services.

TNT international express China

TNT Tiandi International Transportation Agency Co., Ltd is a new company consisting of TNT Express and China Post. Its previous business development in China was not smooth, but in recent years it has developed rapidly in order to develop its own advantageous market: Europe and Australia. TNT Express, its air freight in Europe is the cheapest of the four international express companies, especially from China to Austria / Belgium / Denmark / France / Germany / Ireland / Italy / Spain / Luxembourg / Netherlands / Switzerland / United Kingdom / Finland / Norway / Sweden / Portugal / Bulgaria / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Estonia / Greece / Hungary / Latvia / Lithuania / Poland / Romania / Russia / Slovakia / Slovenia / Turkey / Ukraine.

TNT Tiandi Express has developed rapidly. More and more Amazon sellers choose to use TNT Tiandi Express Service to transport goods from the factories in many regions of China to the Amazon FBA warehouse in Europe. Due to the flatted development of world trade, the international air freight door-to-door service for small cargo has gradually replaced the international shipping container for large-scale cargo. Products “Made in China” are also increasingly popular with people around the world, and these products are also transported from China to the world.

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