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Type of air freight warehouse

International air freight exports and imports, whether in China or abroad, if the goods need to use warehouses for transit, the warehouse is essential. If the goods are shipped from different factories, the warehouse can be used for collection operations; the customs supervision warehouse can provide tax refund and bonded services.

The professional international airport warehouse can save customers air freight, and time, and improve the efficiency of air freight, provide security, third-party warehousing services..

Type of air freight warehouse

Different types of air freight warehouses provide different services for customers. Commonly the warehouses can be divided into the following types:.

General air freight warehouses, most customers need general air freight warehouses, used for cargo collection, palleting, repackaging, inspection of goods, storage of goods, labeling, reinforcement, fumigation, magnetic inspection, general chemical inspection, transshipment, etc..

Customs supervision warehouse, customs supervision warehouse means that your goods have been exported, its biggest role is to export consignment tax refund for the consignor, but also allow customers to set aside enough time before the flight to take off and then complete the export declaration. Customs supervised warehouses are more used for the storage of imported goods, because imported goods often have incomplete import documents and take longer to prepare materials. Of course, the airport has its own customs-supervised warehouse, but the fees are higher than the third-party customs-supervised warehouses, and it is not flexible enough to provide additional value-added services..

Refrigerated warehouse for air freight, can also be said a normal temperature warehouse. According to customer requirements, the warehouse temperature is controlled within a fixed range so that the product does not deteriorate due to temperature changes. The demand for air-conditioned refrigerated warehouses is relatively small, and it is usually only available at some specific airports..

Chemicals warehouses for air freight, to store the chemical goods, the chemicals warehouses have high requirements for fire, explosion, ventilation goods..

What services are specifically provided by the air freight warehouse?

Palleting, this is the most important service. Different goods are placed in different cabin positions. There are different requirements for the height and width of the pallet. If the pallet is placed in the middle of the aircraft cabin, it should be higher..

Different airlines have different requirements for pallets, especially for those that have more than 100 cartons and need more than 5 pallets of goods. Before you palleting, you need to confirm with the airlines in what size to transport all the goods. Therefore, palleting is a very professional operation. In most cases, it is not possible to place pallets in the factory and then send them to the airport for storage. It is necessary to use a professional air freight warehouse to provide services..

Repackaging, repackaging the goods, there are many reasons why the goods need to be repackaged. Sometimes the goods are sent from the place where the goods are shipped far away to the warehouse during the handling process, or because the quality of the package provided by the factory doesn't meet the requirements..

Check the product, open the box to confirm whether the product damage, correct the number of products, take photos and videos..

Store the product, store the product in the warehouse, wait for the customer inform to be distributed to different airlines and then transport them to different destination airports. After a long storage period, you can prove that the goods are in the hands of your own freight forwarders..

Consolidate product, collect and store product sent from different suppliers in different cities, and then book flights in a unified order..

Label, label the product, put FBA label on the outer box, stick dangerous goods, chemicals, fragile labels, etc..

Reinforcement and reinforcement of product packaging to make the goods more stable and protect products..

Fumigation: Wood products or wood-packed products are transported to the United States, Europe, Australia, etc. These countries require to provide the fumigation and disinfection, and need to be fumigated at domestic airport warehouses..

Magnetic inspection: The airport regulations for magnetic products should not be magnetic in the outer packaging. Air cargo may be magnetically inspected before take-off. Only goods that meet the airline's "magnetic inspection report" can be accepted for air freight. . Chemical product inspection: The safety inspection of chemical product, "MSDS" "Chemical Conditions Identification Certificate" provided by Shanghai Chemical Industry Institute. Transshipment: Transfer to different airports or designated warehouses in China..

How to choose the right warehouse in China

How to choose the suitable air freight warehouse in China, it should be selected according to your specific requirements and the belonging of the goods. Whether it is a one-time use or a fixed number of times, there are different warehouses to choose..

Air freight warehouse charges for general goods

The charging standard for each warehouse is different. The following are some of the charging standards for general goods at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. You can refer to the service charges we often use..

Air freight warehouse charges for general goods
Charging items  Charging standard Charging Notes
Storage charge ¥ 0.3/KG (MIN ¥50/Bill)  
Wrapping film ¥ 30/piece  
Tray ¥ 150/piece Standard size tray
Woven bag ¥ 30/piece  Suitable for cloth roll goods

¥ 50/box  
Custom wooden box ¥ 100/centare Within cost of labor
Packing strap (plastic) ¥ 20/stick  
Packing strap (iron sheet) ¥ 50/stick  
Label (lithium battery, fragile product) ¥ 0.9/piece  
Apply for chemical identification fee ¥ 900/ticket  

¥ 200/ticket  
Magnetic test ¥ 350元+ 1/KG (or 20/box,choose the largest)
Drayage at airport(within 5 km) ¥ 300/car

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