air freight payment ways

Air Freight Payment Method Types

Regarding the payment method types for international air freight, the following is that our company can accepts payment method:

  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT), pay US dollars to our company account in Shenzhen, whether you are in the US or Europe, you can transfer funds to our company account through company or personal account.
  • Government Transactions: Domestic customers can choose to transfer funds to our public account by the domestic company account, and our company will provide a formal “valid tax invoice” and send it to your company with SF Express;
  • Alipay, for a small amount of air freight, we can also accept Alipay to our company account; Alipay with Taobao, because Taobao aims at individuals or small companies, our company has not opened this payment method;
  • Private-to-private: Usually our company does not accept private-to-private payment methods;
  • Payment with Western Union / MoneyGram, if the customers are in Iran or Iraq, Africa, Middle East, they need to take a long time to pay US dollars, but air freight needs to be paid before the plane takes off. Our company can also accept Payment with Western Union or MoneyGram;
  • Credit Card: Credit card online payment is a service that most e-commerce sellers may provide. As an international air freight forwarding company, we do not accept this payment method.
  • Cash: Cash is not accepted for air freight

About payment time for air freight, for example, when is it usually necessary to pay us? Usually, after our warehouse receives your goods, you need to pay air freight before the plane takes off.

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