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Price list of EMS from Hong Kong and Mainland to US

The Price list of Hong Kong EMS and Mainland China Post Express for per kilogram of package from China to the United States is down to 30% off. Most personal items can be sent.

Our company Is an agent of EMS with both accounts: Hong Kong EMS and Mainland EMS. Each EMS has its own advantages in mailing to the United States. For general cargo, personal luggage, we suggest Mainland EMS, the discount price of EMS in mainland China is relatively low.

No matter Hong Kong EMS or Mainland EMS, the maximum weight of a package cannot exceed 30kg. If it exceeds the 30kg, it will be delivered separately. Therefore, EMS mainly accepts small goods sent to the United States for personal use.

It is recommended to choose international sea transportation or international air transportation and international express delivery to send large and overweight goods from China to the United States. These shipping modes are able to accept commercial import customs clearance, and no matter how heavy or large the package is, it can be shipped to the United States.

Discounted Freight of Mainland EMS from China to US in 2020
Discounted Price of Guangzhou EMS from China to US in 2020      
Destination Country Starting weight 0.5KG Continued weight 0.5KG Settlement discount
US 160 36 Starting weight 0.5KG no discount,more than 1KG 96% off

What should be paid attention to when delivering goods by Guangzhou EMS from China to the United States:

  • 1. Chargeable weight: subject to the actual weight of goods received by our company. Charge according to the actual weight of the package, excluding volume. Billing method: published price * discount.
  • 2. Products that can be sent to the United States: general goods, paste products, brand goods, and goods that can be delivered to the address of Amazon warehouse (less than 7kg);
  • 3. Undeliverable products: battery products, water aqua, powder and other prohibited products;
Discounted Freight of Mainland EMS from China to US in 2020
Weight(kg) Freight(RMB)
 0.5  328.7
 1.0  351.4
 1.5  379.8
 2.0  414.4
 2.5  455.9
 3.0  484.6
 3.5  514.2
 4.0  567.5
 4.5  620.9
 5.0  674.2
 5.5  543.6
 6.0  568.7
 6.5  593.9
 7.0  623
 7.5  648.1
 8.0  673.3
 8.5  695.2
 9.0  716.5
 9.5  738.4
 10.0  760.3
 10.5  831.6
 11.0  853.5
 11.5  875.4
 12.0  893.4
 12.5  922.5
 13.0  950.9
 13.5  979.9
 14.0  1005.1
 14.5  1034.2
 15.0  1062.6
 15.5  1091.6
 16.0  1120
 16.5  1145.2
 17.0  1174.3
 17.5  1203.3
 18.0  1228.5
 18.5  1256.9
 19.0  1285.9
 19.5  1311.1
 20.0  1440.2
 20.5  1468.6
 21.0  1497.6
 21.5  1526
 22.0  1548
 22.5  1577
 23.0  1605.4
 23.5  1630.6
 24.0  1659.6
 24.5  1684.8
 25.0  1717.1
 25.5  1746.2
 26.0  1771.3
 26.5  1796.5
 27.0  1825.6
 27.5  1854
 28.0  1879.1
 28.5  1908.2
 29.0  1937.2
 29.5  1965.6
 30.0  1997.9

In order to avoid unnecessary loss and return of goods, the following contents about Price list of Hong Kong EMS from China to US should be read carefully

  • 1. Hong Kong EMS website:;
  • 2. The freight of Hong Kong EMS from China to the United States is quoted in RMB and charged according to the actual weight of the goods;
  • 3. The name and address of the addressee shall be filled in in detail and accurately in English, and the post office number shall not be used as the addressee's address only; the Hong Kong EMS post office shall not be responsible for the delivery delay caused by the wrong or unknown mail address; it is necessary to bring a commercial invoice and paste the waybill on the goods, The name of goods, number of pieces, declared value and other items shall be filled in the waybill, and the number and destination of each box of goods shall be written in marker;
  • 4. The package shall not contain cash, dangerous goods and other prohibited articles stipulated in the postal law and the implementation rules, the laws of the country (region) to which they are sent, and the articles prohibited by the airline as mail delivery; the package shall not contain liquid products, sensitive products, or be packed with wooden cases or wooden frames.
  • 5. One set of goods can only be one parcel, and multiple parcels cannot be allowed. More than one package delivered from China to the United States requires more than one set.
  • 6. Hong Kong EMS's compensation provisions for loss, damage or delay of parcels sent to the United States:
    1. (1) No compensation for loss, damage or delay of the package;
    2. (2) The sender will not be entitled to apply for a reduction or refund if

      A. Delay or forfeiture due to local customs clearance in the United States (for customs clearance time, less than one day is counted as one day)

      B. In case of any delay or damage to the parcel due to improper packing, the parcel shall be packed firmly before shipment to ensure the safety of the goods.

      D. Chinese senders fill in unclear information (for example, only fill in sample plates but commodities without more detailed information), the untrue declaration or unclear information leads to the failure of customs clearance and the express mail is confiscated or withheld by the U.S. Customs.

      E. The sender failed to provide the documents required by the U.S. Customs import and export regulations, which resulted in the parcel being returned and confiscated by the customs

      F. Delay, loss or damage caused by natural disaster, political factor, strike movement, nuclear explosion or war.

      G. Delay caused by prohibited items in the package(please call for details of prohibited items)

      H. Delayed or unsuccessful delivery caused by change of the name or address of the addressee, returned package, or other additional services after transporting.

      I.Hong Kong EMS shall not be responsible for or accept any claim for any consequences such as customs clearance confiscation or return caused by the reason of the consigned goods itself

      1. Generally speaking, the freight of Hong Kong EMS from China to the United States is very expensive. Compared with the freight of DH L FedEx UPS TNT and Mainland EMS from China to the United States, the charge of Hong Kong EMS is sky-high, basically there is no discount price.

        Of course, although the freight of Hong Kong EMS from China to the United States is so high, it also has its own advantages, that is, many kinds of goods can be sent by it, such as food, cosmetics andbags for personal use.




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