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Airport to Door from China to USA

Airport to Door from China to USA

Domestic airport to door, international airport-to-door air freight service from China to USA. Local individual buyers in the United States don’t buy goods from companies in China due to their lack of experience in the import customs clearance at the airport, and having no cooperation with air freight forwarding company in the United States, or the time limit so that they couldn't find the company that can do customs clearance, so they are more willing to finding the international air freight forwarders in China to provide airport-to-door air freight services from China to the United States.

Air Freight Price about Airports to Door include

  • 1.Air Freight Price from China to the United States;
  • 2.Fuel surcharge for airlines;
  • 3. Local airport fees in the United States, including document fees, pick-up fees, warehouse fees, airport construction fees collected by airlines, etc.
  • 4. Customs clearance fees for importing from the United States;
  • 5. Handing charges of American agents;
  • 6. Delivery fees, the cost of trucking from an American airport to your door;

The types of service about air freight from China to the United States is based on the different terms of trade between customers and suppliers, the consignee has different logistics needs, and the corresponding international air freight forwarders provide different quotations and services.

Whether it's a company engaged in commercial trade in the United States or a local consumer or a shopkeeper, they all need to provide detailed cargo information to their international air freight forwarder in China when they choose air freight services from China to the United States and communicate with the forwarder to choose a suitable air freight schemes in order to meet their needs as much as possible.

For international air freight services from China to the United States, the terms of trade between consignees in the United States and Chinese suppliers are FOB China, such as FOB Shanghai, FOB Shenzhen, FOB Guangzhou, etc. The shipper will deliver the goods to the customs warehouse at the airport under the FOB, and pay the booking fees of the designated forwarder, the documentation fees for airline, miscellaneous fees, export customs clearance fees, etc. At the same time, he will prepare an electronic document of the customs clearance to give the consignee "packing list" and "commercial invoice".

Most of the international air freight services from China to the United States are related to import freight services negotiated between the local consignees and local air freight forwarders. The air freight forwarders in the United States entrust their branches or international air freight forwarders cooperated with them in China to booking spaces.

YFYJupitER Lucky, Inc. USA. purchases molds from Chongqing, China. Chongqing Sunshine Duo Import and Export Co., Ltd. given the price is FOB at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. Miss Lili, worked in“YFYJupitER Lucky”who is responsible for arranging international logistics. She found a air freight forwarder- GoodHope Freight- who specializes in international air freight between China and the United States. They can provide door-to-door service from Chongqing to the United States for Lili.

The factory finished goods before two days, the factory will issue a "power of attorney for flight booking" to GoodHope, a total of 30 pieces of goods are packed in wooden boxes. The terms of delivery are FOB Chongqing. After GoodHope booked spaces, the factory should transport the goods to the designated location according to the warehouse address of the airway, and provide a complete set of export clearance documents. And then GoodHope arrange HU HNA Cargo Co. LTD to transport the goods from Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport to ELP El Paso International Airport in the United States, and dispatches these goods to the designated warehouse by the customers after finishing the customs clearance at the airport. It takes about 5 days air freight from Chongqing to the United States.




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