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How long does air freight take from China

How long does air freight take from China

How long does air freight take from China? How long does air freight take from China? to the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America, etc. Here is a detailed introduction.

The time of air freight from China depends on the specific situation. Usually, the air time refers to the time spent the departure airport and the destination airport, but in fact, the time of air freight includes two parts: first, the flight time of the aircraft; second, the time of take-off and landing. The sum of the two parts of time is the total time of air freight. If one of the step is wrong, it will affect all the work behind and delay the time.

How long does it take for each step of air freight?

First, let us know what the various steps for the process of air freight include, how long it takes for the specific work, and understand every process of air freight to know how long does air freight take from China.

Booking - Pick up goods -Warehouse- Customs Clearence - International Air freight - Customs Clearance - Delivery.

Air freight booking, it takes one day from booking to confirm the flight; when booking, it needs the shipper to provide a authorization booking to the air freight forwarder, the airline can affirm the contents of the power of attorney of booking, such as shipper, consignees, product names, flights, these will be reviewed first. For goods with incomplete information or product names, the airlines need to provide relevant documents to confirm that they can be released. There will also be various problems, such as oversized goods for air freight, such as the lack of the tax number of the receiving company, the consignee need to provide the information to shipper, however, the foreign consignee cannot provide the information immediately due to the time difference, then booking will take more time.

The time of air freight from picking up the goods in the factory to the designated warehouse at the airport depends on the distance between the factory and the warehouse. It is also related to the way that the factory chooses how to deliver the goods in the country. If you choose Deppon Logistics, SF Express, it is slower about one or two days than the consignor uses the LALAMOVE to driver the goods to the warehouse. It takes a day or two to deliver to the warehouse in the same way as LALAMOVE and intercity express service.

Air freight warehouse need to to some works, such as: pallet or repack, sort, tamper, and label, etc. The time for doing these works is determined by the customer needs for the warehouse. Usually, these works do not need to finish, because the delivery company has finished the work as required. The airline is only responsible for palletize, which takes one to two hours.

Air freight customs clearance generally only take half a day. If the customs need to unpacks and inspects the goods, it needs to provide some additional documents, which may delay more than one day, such as: robots for air freight, and it is necessary to provide the customs with a operating manual for the robot.

The time of air freight is related to the route of airline and also to the transit airport of airline, which needs to be confirmed with the booking air freight forwarder. In the customs clearance, they will tell you in advance the approximate time when you choose this airline. It may be one day or more than 30 days. This sounds incredible, but the actual situation exists! For example, LY (El Al) Israel Airlines, air freight from China to the United States, KQ Kenya Airlines, air freight from China to Africa, the time for air freight is similar to international ocean freight, using air freight services by these airlines will make you feel very troublesome!

How long does do customs clearance at destination airport? Different countries are different. The United States and Europe can only be finished in half a day.

From the destination airport to the designated warehouse and pick up the goods at the airport, the time required for these works depend on the specific needs of the consignee.

Other factors affected the time for air freight are: airlines, air routes, flights, peak seasons and off-seasons, airline capacity, air freight, etc.

Based on these specific factors, some detailed case descriptions are provided below.

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Generally speaking, it takes only 3-5 days for air freight in China. No matter air freight to any country of the world, some airports have direct flights, and some airports need to transfer goods, and the transit airport is usually the small aircraft.

  • 1.The average time, the specific country
  • 2.Off-season and peak season
  • 3.The time of direct flight and transit flight, which is fast
  • 4.Whether the booking time can be affirmed

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