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Air freight customs clearance agent

China's major international airports, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Xiamen, etc., provide import and export air cargo clearance services for goods, and are cheap and professional.

China Air Freight Clearance Agency Introduction

China International Air Freight Customs Clearance Agency refers to providing professional customs clearance agency services for import and export enterprises and individuals at various international airports.

The agent submits the corresponding customs requirements documents, verify import authority, handle inspection and quarantine, and label the goods. When the goods are imported from abroad to China, the customs only accepts the declarations and the enterprises registered with the corresponding customs to declare, and cannot directly accept the direct receivers or international air freight forwarders on the air waybill. Therefore, whether it is an import and export company, domestic actual buyers, international freight forwarders need to pass the professional air import customs clearance company to be able to carry out customs clearance procedures.

The air customs clearance agent is not the airport customs clearance company. The difference between the two is that the customs clearance company is the enterprise that obtains the commercial declaration to the customs at the customs. It is not easy to set up a customs declaration enterprise.

Professional customs declaration personnel must be required to obtain the “Certificate of Customs Declaration”.

Different international airports in China have different customs clearance companies. Usually, the same customs clearance company will not recommend branches at various airports like international freight forwarders. An air customs clearance company usually only focuses on one local airport or city.

Many of the Shanghai Airfreight Clearance Co., Ltd. only provide export customs clearance and import clearance at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, but there may be no branch office at Hongqiao International Airport. Why not scale up? Many people will have such doubts. In fact, the daily air cargo import volume of each airport is huge. They can concentrate on an airport and make him professional. Every cargo must be carefully reviewed and reported. not easy.

For most customers, should ordinary air cargo import and export be selected with customs clearance companies or air customs clearance agents? Of course, it is an air customs clearance agent. Whether it is international air transport or international air transport, it is necessary to complete the door-to-door international logistics and transportation service.

The documents required for customs clearance, related inspection procedures, packaging of goods, labels, warehouses, air cargo booking, communication with shippers, etc., are handled by international air cargo customs agents. Moreover, the agent who is actually engaged in air cargo import and export customs is not willing to deal with these cumbersome tasks.

Which airports in China have air customs agents

There are more than 30 international air transport airports in China, and basically there are several international air transport airports in each province or municipality. Good Hope International Logistics is a large-scale company engaged in professional international air freight forwarding. It can provide customers with a series of air cargo import customs clearance and export customs declaration services at any airport in China. This is a very important step in our service to customers.

International air cargo import customs clearance and export customs declaration services mainly include:

PVG: Shanghai Pudong International Airport

SHA: Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

SHE: Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

SZX Shenzhen Baoan International Airport

XMN Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

CAN Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

XIY: Xi'an Xianyang International Airport

CGO: Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

YNT: Yantai Penglai International Airport

TAO: Qingdao Liuting International Airport

TSN: Tianjin Binhai International Airport

HKG: Hong Kong International Airport

CTU: Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

CKG: Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport

WUH: Wuhan Tianhe International Airport

CSX: Changsha Huanghua International Airport

HGH: Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

HRB: Harbin Taiping International Airport

PEK: Beijing Capital International Airport

The procedures and regulations for export and import customs clearance of each airport are different. For example, Shanghai Pudong International Airport can accept export customs clearance before the goods are transported to the customs warehouse, which can save a lot of time. Customs can be carried out palletized in the warehouse near the airport according to airline's request.

The Hong Kong International Airport does not need to officially declare import and export customs clearance. It only needs to register cargo information because Hong Kong is a free-trade zone and the local customs regulations are different from other cities in China.

What services can customs clearance agents provide?

Air freight customs clearance agent can provide specific services. As a professional international air freight customs clearance agent, its the purpose is to smoothly provide customers with customs clearance services.

The services provided include finding professional reliable customs clearance company for customers at the airport according to their needs, provides export tax rebate for formal enterprises according to the “a set of export customs clearance materials ”, and provides export clearance services for air freight companies that do not have right to export, and provides commodity inspection.

The commodity inspection service provides fumigation before air freight for wood products or wooden packaging products exported to the United States, Europe, Australia. These are the tasks that air freight customs clearance agent

need to provide customers with customs clearance.

How international air freight exports from one place to another in the shortest time. The time for air cargo clearance depends on whether the preliminary work is careful, whether the documents are consistent with the actual goods, whether it meets the requirements of the customs, and whether special products such as chemicals, robots, motors, engines, automobiles, batteries, etc.

have inspected in advance, whether the relevant documents are processed in time, which documents need to be delivered to the customs, which documents need to be stamped with the official seal, which need the official seal of the customs declaration company, and which the documents only need to be scan, what kinds of packaging, such as chemicals, dangerous goods, fragile products, liquids, etc., need to be labeled with Chinese and English labels.

Air freight from China to many countries in Central and South America, such as Brazil and Chile, customs clearance needs to provide the original "packing list" and "invoice" in triplicate; some countries have tax trade agreements with China.

Maldives, Georgia, Australia, South Korea, Switzerland, Iceland, Costa Rica, Peru, Singapore, New Zealand, Chile, Pakistan, Singapore, and Pakistan, need to provide original invoice in order to save tariffs when customers do customs clearance at their destination airports. Such as these countries with these regulations, the shipper should provide the original invoice at air freight export and hand it over to the airline when booking.

These documents shall be transported with the goods to the destination airport for the customer to customs clearance. If not, the customer will influence customs clearance, as well as needing to use international express to deliver the relevant documents to the consignee.

How to choose air freight customs clearance agent

How to choose an honest, trustworthy and reliable air freight customs clearance company that can cooperate for a long time? You need to consider the following points:

  • 1. Professional, this is the most critical, the professional customs agent company should provide you with the appropriate customs clearance service for air cargo according to your product and the actual situation of your company, and successfully complete the import and export customs clearance.
  • 2. Efficiency, "Time is life", according to the flight deadline, quickly and efficiently declare to the customs, complete customs clearance!
  • 3. Save money, save export customs clearance fees and import customs clearance fees for customers. The customs clearance fee for air freight is not only the handling fee, but also other related document fees and inspection fees.
  • 4. Integrity, do not declare the goods indiscriminately, do not arbitrarily charge, do not deceive the customer, truthfully reflect the situation encountered and the costs.

Air freight customs clearance agent

Air freight customs clearance is the most important step in international air cargo transportation. Whether this work completes plays an important role in this process of air freight. It is also the most difficult task in international air freight. Many air freight forwarders and airlines do not provide air cargo customs clearance services, only provide booking and transportation services.

Air freight customs clearance fee

Export customs clearance fee is not the same as import customs clearance. Air freight export customs clearance, the shipper provides "export customs clearance information" only need to pay one customs clearance fee, the charges for each airport are different.

Air freight export customs clearance fee at Guangdong Province: one shipment is 350 RMB; other airports outside Guangdong Province are cheaper. For example, the air freight customs clearance fee at Shanghai Airport: one shipment is 150 RMB; The export customs clearance fee at Xiamen Airport is 100 RMB.

The import customs clearance fee is higher than the export customs clearance fee. For example, the air freight quotation of the import customs clearance fee for different air cargo at Beijing Capital International Airport :

General goods: 350 RMB
Goods inspection: 400 RMB
Gifts: 1000 RMB
Sample: 1000 RMB
Pet: 1000 RMB
Baggage: 500RMB
Processing: 1000 RMB
Import and export for whole vehicle cargo: 3000 RMB
Items repair: 800 RMB
Travel inspection: 1200 RMB
Items repair for travel inspection: 1,800 RMB
Product return: 800 RMB
Goods in transit: 500 RMB
Express import and export: 300 RMB
Embassy goods: 1000 RMB
ATA: 500 RMB
First import for ATA: 1000 RMB

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