air cargo trace and tracking

Air cargo trace and tracking

After the international airlines arranges the delivery, both the shippers and the consignee are very concerned about these issues, for example, when the aircraft takes off, when the cargo arrives at the destination airport, and how long the cargo will stay through the transit airport.

Through air cargo trace and tracking, you can master the specific situation of your cargo, just like the international sea freight and international express.

In international freight transportation, there are often various problems, such as: the official website of the airline for air cargo trace and tracking can not be found, the content searched is inconsistent with the information on the bill of lading, and the cargo information is not updated.

Here is the most authoritative introduction to international air cargo trace and tracking. No matter what questions you have about international air cargo, you can find solutions after reading this article carefully. This is an article worthy of collection for foreign trade and international logistics personnel.

Methods of air cargo trace and tracking

You can use the following methods to trace and tracking air cargo:

  • The official website of the airline;
  • Booking agent for international air cargo ;
  • Airport of departure
  • Agent or branch office of airline at the destination airport

For the most air cargo trace and tracking, generally through the first method, you can directly trace and tracking your own air cargo information on the official website of airline through the bill of bill of lading number on the air waybill provided by the international air freight forwarder. For example, you can visit the website of China Cargo Airlines:

This method can only trace and tacking air cargo information after arriving at the airport of customs warehouse and before arriving at the destination airport.

The second method of air cargo trace and tacking, it can trace and tacking air cargo through the FOB of customers designated booking agent for air cargo or your own air freight forwarder, who will provide detailed air cargo information that they need, the booking agent can know the whole process of your cargo from picking up to the destination, because they cooperate directly with the airlines and know all kinds of airports, at the same time, they have information about the cargo. So, if you want to save trouble and don't want to trace and tacking air cargo on the Internet, then you can find the air freight forwarding company directly. If they don't provide the information you need, then such an international air freight forwarder is a dishonest and irresponsible company.

The third method of air freight trace and tracking, in general, you can check all the airlines and cargo information that cooperate with the airport through the official website, and also have corresponding flight information. For example, on the official website of Shanghai Pudong International Airport, you can find out the detailed data of your air cargo after arriving at the airport.

The fourth method of international air cargo trace and tracking, you can let the airline provide you with accurate information of the agent or branch office of the destination airport, and then ask the consignee to let them directly contact these agents to trace and tracking. Some large quantities of goods arrive at destination airports that require partial air transportation. Because of the large number of boxes, airlines are prone to missed shipments, which will result in inconsistent time for goods arriving at the destination airport, which will affect the customs clearance and delivery of customers. Using this method to check directly with the airline's destination airport is the best and fastest solution.

How to trace and tracking air cargo on the official website of airline

How to trace and tracking the information air cargo on the official website of the airline. This method is very simple. First, you need the bill of lading number. Secondly, you can find the corresponding official website of airline and input the corresponding bill of lading number to trace and tracking air cargo. For example, the official website of EK Emirates Airlines:

Need distinguish between the website for passenger and the website for cargo of airline. The website for passenger of airline is different from the website for cargo of airline,and in the website for passenger of airline, you can’t find air cargo information because trace and tracking air cargo is another website: for example, the official website for cargo of China Southern Airlines:

China Southern Airlines trace and tracking website:

It is difficult for many people to distinguish between the website for passenger and the website for cargo of airline, so they have not found their own cargo on the website of passenger for a long time.

What information can be tracked

The contents of international air cargo trace and tracking include: the number of pieces, volume, weight, departure time, when the goods arrive at the transit airport and the destination airport, and which the specific boxes of goods can arrive in advance, which are arranged later, and all goods arrive at the specific time, flight number, cargo name, airline booking agent, shipper and consignee will not appear on the official website of airline, which are trade secrets.

When can trace and tracking air cargo

When can trace and tracking air cargo? When the air freight booking is done through the international air freight forwarder, the relevant information can be tracked, for example, when the flight is booked;

It is possible to complete the export declaration on the official website of the airline. It takes half a day for the airline to pallet securing, and the airline will update the relevant information on the official website. The official website information will be later than the actual cargo information, and the information of the transit airport and the destination airport may be delayed one day.

Why we don’t trace and tracking

Sometimes we don’t track and tracking air cargo? It may be the website address is wrong, or the goods have not been scheduled for flight, and they are not arranged to the airline.

Why we can’t track the transit airport

After the cargo is arranged to transport, it has not been updated for a long time at the transit airport.

There are several reasons for this: 1. The transit aircraft is a small aircraft or a passenger aircraft, and the volume of the cargo is very large. The airline cannot transport so many cargo, and it needs to wait for a sufficient cargo aircraft to arrange. For example, air freight from China to TIA Tirana International Airport in Albania, the only airlines that provide international air freight include: AZ Alitalia Airline, LH Lufthansa, TK Turkish Airlines. None of the three airlines has direct flights to Tirana International Airport. The transit airports are small aircraft and there are few flights, so if you want to air freight to Tirana International Airport, it will often take a long time to stay at the airport in China an then arrange flights.

  • Not all the goods have arrived
  • The weight and volume are inconsistent with the bill of lading
  • Official website of airline

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