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How To Order Air Booking Shipments By Goodhope

When a customer wants to use our international air freight service, how to place an order in our company, and what is the order of air freight?

Here is the introduction about how to place an order when you use the air freight service provided by GoodHope Freight(China) Limited

  • 1. To propose air freight requirements, according to the supplier's quotation, such as: ex-factory price for FOB or EXW, provide us with detailed information, for example, whether you need to airport-to-airport service or door-to-door air freight service.
  • 2. Air freight quotes and plans, we will provide you with air freight quotes according to your specific air freight needs, and then confirm to use which airlines and flights.
  • 3. Provide supplier contact information. When you get our air freight quotes, just send us the supplier contact information, phone number, email or WeChat, and tell your supplier that we are your international air freight forwarder, and we can arrange your air cargo, booking and other work. And then the rest of work for air freight is done by us.
  • 4. Arrange air freight, we will contact the supplier and the airline, customs and etc. related companies to arrange delivery, booking and other work.
  • 5. Pay for air freight. When all the previous work is completed, we will give you the accurate airway bill before waiting for the plane to take off. You need to pay our company for air freight.
  • 6. International air freight, customs clearance, when airlines receive air freight, then they will arrange air freight to the destination airport according to the previous plan. You only need to wait for receiving the goods.

It is very simple order of air freight, basically all you need to do is to confirm the air freight prices with us. Other work is done by us.

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