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The professional logistics company of international air freight to Amazon FBA warehouse.

Shenzhen, China Logistics Company, Air freight to Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon): United States / Canada / Mexico / United Kingdom / France / Australia logistics warehouse including DDU and DDP, is one-stop-service professional freight forwarding company.

As the most popular e-commerce platform in recent, Amazon platform attracts tens of thousands sellers in China, Europe and America, more and more sellers have made a lot of money on Amazon, especially those who are engaged in foreign trade transformation to Amazon platform in Shenzhen. Since 2015, after Amazon opened its platform to Chinese sellers, these sellers have been making a lot of money. The sellers who have just started on the Amazon platform need to deliver goods from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse, and shipping to the Amazon FBA are also developing rapidly with the needs of these sellers.

Up to now, the only international logistics company that can provide FBA services in the world is Shenzhen International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd, which provides the most comprehensive service for Amazon sellers. The best FBA freight forwarder in the world also is located in Shenzhen. International air freight from China to Amazon FBA provides Amazon sellers with the safe and fast logistics services and provides effective protection for many Amazon sellers. It give you high-margin and suitable products for those who are just working at Amazon, which can save FBA fees. Shipping to Amazon FBA is a method that you must use when you first contact Amazon. It is also a very effective choice for you to sell explosive products, defeat your competitors, and sell goods quickly! So, choose the best international air freight to Amazon FBA, the international freight forwarder plays a key role in your business development.

Air freight to FBA in which countries

Air freight from China to Amazon FBA in some countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Arab Emirates, France, UK, Poland)

Air freight from Shenzhen to Amazon FBA includes: United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, United Arab Emirates, France, the United Kingdom, and Poland.

Air freight to the USA FBA

Amazon FBA service from China to the USA, it covers 200 FBA warehouses in the USA, whether Amazon distributes your goods to FTW1 or to Amazon ONT8. We will provide you with the best air freight solution based on your airtime and air freight prices.

Air freight to the Canada FBA

Air freight from China to Amazon FBA in Canada includes YVR3, YVR1, YYZ1, YYZ2, YYZ3, which are located in Vancouver and Toronto.

Air freight from China to the Amazon FBA in the UK, we will arrange air freight from Hong Kong to London Airport, and then use the local customs companies to complete customs clearance, and pay import tariffs and send to the local FBA warehouse.

Air freight to the France FBA

Air freight from China to Amazon FBA in France, we will choose Shanghai Pudong International Airport to use Air France to directly fly to Paris Airport, and then complete the local import customs clearance, finally use the UPS Express in France to quickly deliver to the FBA warehouse: ORY1、MRS1、 LYS1、 LIL1;

Air freight to the AU FBA

Air freight from China to Australia, GoodHope Logistic company provides the best Amazon FBA services, whether it is the Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu, Ningbo, Qingdao. The FBA freight forwarder will deliver the goods to the GoodHope warehouse in Shenzhen. We will arrange aircraft to fly directly from Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport to Sydney and Melbourne International Airport, and finally deliver to the FBA warehouse in Australia: 1-29 National Dr, Dandenong South VIC 3175.

Air freight from China to Amazon FBA in Mexico

Air freight from China to Amazon FBA in the UAE

Air freight to the Japan FBA

Air freight from China to Amazon FBA in Japan, the GoodHope company have more than three years cooperation with other professional FBA freight forwarder, it is very familiar with Amazon FBA in Japan.

Air freight to FBA DDU or DDP

Good Hope company provides services from China to Amazon FBA, including DDU and DDP services; we can provide different air freight methods according to different needs of customer, such as Amazon sellers in the USA, if you do not want to use your local company in the USA to deliver goods, we can use our DDP service, we will arrange company in the USA to pay customs duties, and the one-kilogram air cargo from China to Amazon FBA in the USA includes the tariffs.

Air freight from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse in Europe, due to the strict requirements for Amazon goods in EU, where the goods will be strictly checked to avoid to tax evasion or ultra-low declared value, the goods must be truthfully declared. Therefore, these sellers can choose the DDU service we provide to Amazon FBA

How long does it take by air freight to FBA?

How long does it take to air freight from China to Amazon FBA? First of all, let's first understand the process for air freight from China to Amazon FBA: domestic container transportation - arrange air freight- customs clearance - distribution - UPS dispatched to the local FBA warehouse.

Each step of the process takes one to two days, first of all, to collect a certain amount of goods in China, usually more than 1 ton, and then book the cargo in accordance with the one shipment, so that FBA freight forwarder can get the cheapest air freight from the airline; secondly, arrange air freight from China to the different airports of the corresponding country.

for example, from Shenzhen to the LAX Los Angeles airport, usually FBA freight forwarder arranges direct flights, this step only takes one day; then, after the customs clearance is completed, the goods are distributed to the local warehouse, and then the goods are dispatched according to the different customers’ requirements; finally, using UPS Express to quickly deliver the goods to the corresponding FBA warehouse.

It takes at least five days to air freight from China to the Amazon FBA. In actual operation, it is also related to various agents, such as whether there is any customs inspection, whether it is booked in time.

Air freight to the Amazon FBA can also choose door-to-door service, if you have your own company in the local area, you can do the import clearence and then deliver it to the Amazon FBA warehouse, so you only need to choose international freight forwarders in China to air freight from China to your designated airport, and then other work can be done by yourself. In this case, time can be well controlled..

Different products choose different airport of departure

Some people with Amazon experience knows that there are two kinds of products that are shipped to Amazon. One is a product with a battery, and the other is a product without a battery. Products with batteries need to be transported from Hong Kong airport to Amazon FBA. The products without batteries can be transported from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai to Amazon FBA.

Air freight from domestic China to Amazon FBA is cheaper 5RMB per kg than air freight from Hong Kong to Amazon FBA.

How to choose a air freight forwarder to Amazon FBA

How to choose the best air freight FBA freight forwarder? Choosing a good Amazon FBA freight forwarder is very difficult. The sellers who started selling on the Amazon platform have found a lot of FBA international freight forwarding quotations, and finally chose to cooperate with a company with the lowest quotation. However, during cooperating, it was found the total cost was not as low as expected. After that, they choose several international freight forwarders.

The freight forwarder was not professional enough or had other problems. In short, there was still no satisfactory freight forwarder. How to find the satisfied freight forwarder from China to Amazon FBA? You can try the GoodHope Logistics Company recommended by many people.

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