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Airports from China to Airports in the US

The international air freight service from airports in China to airports in the US, belonging to the traditional international air freight. China international air freight forwarding company is responsible for booking and delivering cargo to airlines at airports in China, and the international air freight forwarder is responsible for customs clearance at airports in the US.

Airport to airport, the international air freight service from airports in China to airports in the US. Generally, Chinese sellers sign FOB terms with American buyers, while American consignees are companies, which have long-term cooperation with American international air freight forwarders.

At the same time, the consignee only needs to find a China international air freight forwarder, which will provide the flight booking from China to the United States. Generally, the Air Freight Price are settled by the consignee in the United States directly with China air freight forwarder. Usually the Air Freight Price are transferred from the United States to China through banks. China air freight forwarder selects suitable flights and Air Freight Price for the consignee, contacts suppliers or trading companies to transport the goods from the factory to airport warehouse, and checks the air waybill with the airlines, and settles relevant fees etc.

When the cargo arrive at an airport in the United States, the airline notifies the consignee on the air waybill that the cargo has arrived at the airports. Sometimes the number of cargo boxes is quite large, and the airlines cannot transport all the cargo at one time when they arrange flight booking.

They need to transport the cargo by several flights, so it often happens that only part of the cargo is transported, and the rest of the cargo needs to wait for other flights. For example, there are 1000 cardboard boxes for air cargo from China to the United States. CZ China Southern Airlines flies from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to IND Indianapolis International Airport in the United States. Airline route is from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to ORD Chicago O’Hare Airport - IND. China Southern Airlines generally only receive10 cubic meters of cargo on passenger airlines, and 1,000 cartons need to be divided into three flights to be transported to Chicago Airport, and then trucked to the final destination airport- Indianapolis International Airport. It is often the case that the first arrived cargo need waiting for the rest of the goods, which requires the local international air freight forwarder in the United States do customs clearance and deliver the first arrived cargo to the consignee in advance.

From airports in China to the United States often use international air freight services and the local international air freight forwarders in both countries to get professional services and the lowest international Air Freight Price. China international air freight forwarders are familiar with the local air export process and can provide additional services such as palletizing. They have their own advantages in working with international airlines at local airports; the American international air freight forwarder at the destination airport can provide the consignee with professional customs clearance and warehousing services.

Because of the high time requirement of air freight, only the most professional international air freight forwarder can handle all kinds of work in time and quickly transport cargo from China to the United States. Choosing international airport-to-airport service is one of the options for many consignees. It is also the cheapest of all air freight services.

International air freight services from airports in China to airports in the US mainly refer to air freight between the major airports. China's major cargo airports are: Shenzhen/ Guangzhou/ Shanghai/ Hong Kong/ Beijing; the United States has more large cargo airports than China, such as Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Houston, San Francisco, vancouver, Montreal, Newark, Hawaii, Miami.




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