479 ZHSHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD Air shipments track and tracking

tracking the detailed information of the cargo transported by airlines with three-letter-code 479 ZH, accurate and correct official website of SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD, contact number, company in the destination, air cargo agent.

479 ZH SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD Air shipments track and tracking 479 ZH Introduction to SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD

SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD, The main international freight routes of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD" are from Shenzhen to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

For example, from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport directly to Kuala Lumpur Airport, the charge of air transport of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD" is lower than that of other airlines.

The two-letter-code of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD" is abbreviated as "ZH".

The three-letter-code on the "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD" air waybill is "479". When the copy of the air waybill beginning with "479 -... "provided to you by the international air freight forwarder such as: "479 - 33892316", it means that the cargo is transported by "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD". For tracking the cargo, the customers can visit the official website of the airline.


Official website: the specific flight information, departure time, the day of arrival at the destination airport of ZH 479, number of pieces, weight, volume, product name, etc can all be tracked on the official website of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD".

There are two versions of the website in Chinese and English. The speed of opening the website in China will be faster, while that in foreign countries will be slower. " Official tracking website of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD" : https://cargo.shenzhenair.com/default.aspx

Telephone: the contact number of the cargo Department of SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD is: + 86-755-23453977. Customers in China only need add area code 0755, foreign consignees need to add the Chinese telephone area code "86".

Air cargo booking agent: the bill of lading of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD" can be tracked through domestic factories or freight forwarders cooperating with suppliers. They directly book the shipping space from ZH and the information they get is the most accurate.

Airport freight station: to track the cargo information of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD", you can contact the official website of the departure airport or the telephone number of the freight department.

Agent in destination airport: for transporting goods by "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD", when the goods arrive at the destination airport, the customers can contact the airline's local agent to get the number of the air waybill or a copy of the air waybill to find out whether the goods have arrived at the airport.

The contact number of "SHENZHEN AIRLINES CO LTD" in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Airport is as follows:

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