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Polar Air Cargo from Shanghai, China, Shenzhen, Hong Kong to the United States, Canada, Australia, India, the price, the freight for different weight segments, the current real-time air freight calculation, professional international air cargo transportation, more than 10 years of experience.

Price List of Polar Air Cargo. The air freight price list of Polar Air Cargo mainly introduces the unit price or different weight segments of 100kg, 300kg, 500kg and over 1000kg. Please refer to the current real-time exchange rate list of Bank of China.

This price list of PO is about the air freight cost of several important routes from three main airports in China to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and India.

The price of PO is applicable to ordinary goods, chemical products, cosmetics, liquid, battery, oversized goods, masks, epidemic gloves, mobile power supply, fresh and live goods, luggage, etc. corresponding transport documents, such as "cargo transport identification report", shall be provided.

The approximate price of PO is applicable between March 5, 2021 and March 15, 2021. The price will change with the fluctuation of the market every week.

The departure airports include Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport.

Destination airports include Canada's Toronto International Airport, Calgary Calgary International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, Mexico Benito Juarez International Airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Miami International Airport, Sydney International Airport, Melbourne International Airport and Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport.

2021 Price List of Polar Air Cargo

2021 Price List of Polar Air Cargo

2021 Price List of Polar Air Cargo
Departure airport  Airport of destination 100kg 300kg 500kg+ 1000kg+
PVG yyz 38.2 33.8 33.8 32.7
YUL 21.7 21.7 21.7 21.7
YYC 23.9 23.9 23.9 23.9
YVR 18.4 18.4 18.4 18.4
MEX 33.8 33.8 33.8 33.8
SZX ATL 33.8 33.8 33.8 33.8
ORD 29 27 26 25
DFW 36 36 36 36
LAX 16.5 16.5 16.5 16.5
IAH 36.7 36.7 36.7 36.7
MIA 33.8 33.8 33.8 33.8
HKG SYD 25 23 23 23
MEL 41.3 40.8 39.8 38.8
DEL 23.2 22 21 19.9

Price of Polar Air Cargo to Canada

Price of Polar Air Cargo to Canada, The current real-time price provided by Polar Air Cargo from China to Canada is: the price of air freight from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Toronto International Airport.

For goods over 100kg, the price is RMB38.2/kg;for goods more than 300 kg, the price is RMB 33.8/kg, and for goods more than 500 kg and more than 1000 kg, the price is the same as that for goods more than 300 kg.

Air transport to Montreal International Airport, air transport price, minimum weight, 100 kilogram. For goods more than 100 kg, the price is RMB21.7 /kg.

The price of air transport from China to Calgary Airport is RMB23.9/kg, which is higher than that from Montreal. The price of air transport from China to Vancouver International Airport is RMB 18.4/kg, equivalent to USD2.8/kg. Air transport price is very cheap, compared with other airlines such as MU, IPO, very competitive!

Price of Polar Air Cargo to the US

Price of Polar Air Cargo to the US

According to the air transport price from China to the United States provided by Polar Air Cargo, the departure airport is SZX Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport, and the destination airport covers all the airports in the United States. Here, we select several major airports for reference. The air transport price of other destination airports is about RMB2 / kg.

Shenzhen to Atlanta Hatzfeld airport, for goods more than 100 kg, the price is RMB33.8 /kg;

The air transport price from Shenzhen to Chicago O'Hare International Airport is about RMB 25 per kilogram to RMB 29 per kilogram. Po’s service to this airport is direct flight, three flights a week.

The price of air transport from Shenzhen to Dallas Fort Worth Airport is RMB 36 per kilogram. The goods transported to this airport need to be transferred from ORD by trucks, so the air transport cost is higher than that of ORD, which is several yuan higher.

The air transport price of Polar Air Cargo from Shenzhen to LAX Los Angeles Airport is very cheap, which is almost RMB 10 / kg lower than that of other American airports. The air transport price for goods more than 100 kg is only RMB 16.5/ kg. To Miami International Airport, air freight price per kilogram is RMB33.8/kg. As an important international airport in the eastern part of the United States, the air transport price of Miami is twice as high as that from China to the western part of the United States.

Price of Polar Air Cargo to Australia

Price of Polar Air Cargo to Australia. The air freight price of Polar Air Cargo from Hong Kong International Airport of China to Australia is about RMB21/kg to 39kg. The air freight for different weight segments is different, and the detailed name of goods, number of pieces, volume and weight should be provided for confirmation with Polar Air Cargo .

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaid International Airport

Price of Polar Air Cargo to India

From Hong Kong International Airport of China to New Delhi International Airport of India, the price is RMB 20/kg. For goods more than a ton, the price be as low as RMB 19.9/kg.

If you need transport a large cargo, you can provide the cargo information to PO Hong Kong booking agency and PO airline dealer to apply for the air freight or discount price.

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