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Chengdu has two airports, Shuangliu International Airport and Tianfu International Airport. Chengdu and Western China, for example, Mianyang / Meishan/ Leshan/ Deyang /Yibin /Luzhou /Guizhou/ Southwest. Most of the international air cargo exports are transported to all over the world through Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. At the same time, air cargo is transported from all over the world to the Central and Western district in China. All works are accomplished through the local Chengdu air freight forwarder , which demonstrates that air freight forwarder plays an important role in the circulation of goods between Sichuan and the world. Whether you are a local manufacturer or a overseas buyer, with a trustworthy Chengdu air freight forwarder, you can escort your business, let you concentrate on your business and develop a larger market.

‘The word "honesty” is becoming more and more important in foreign trade. Buyers and sellers are far away from each other. The cost of detailed discussion is very high when they meet each other. However, with the development of the Internet, trade exchanges are much simpler than 20 years ago. Chengdu is located in the inland China, the human cost and personnel land is much lower than coastal cities, more and more companies set up factories here, the factory produces mobile phone accessories, computer accessories are competitive in price from factory, attracting the buyers from Australia /Singapore/ Malaysia/ America/ Japan/ Korea/ Italy/ Norway/ German. The goods are small in size, light in weight and high in value.

They need to be transported by international air freight. Generally, the factory that gives the buyer the commodity price is FOB price at Chengdu airport for, and the consignee needs to use their own Chengdu international air freight forwarders to book space for the factory and arrange air export. The air freight forwarder that cooperates with the consignee is called the designated air freight forwarder. The Air Freight Price is settled between the consignee and the forwarder. Generally, the consignee can pay them in US dollars through the bank, so the air freight forwarder provides the service only for the consignee, standing on the side of the consignee and serving the consignee.

Air export needs to complete pick up the goods, delivery, export declaration and prepare related packing list/invoice, etc. As an export and foreign trade enterprise in Sichuan, it also needs to use its own international air freight forwarding services to provide a variety of professional services for itself before the flight takes off.




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