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shipping batteries by air

International air freight for battery products

Batteries are dangerous goods, and air freight services for battery products is dangerous to the aircraft. The metal inside the battery, such as lithium, is generally very active. In air freight, if the impact or peripheral temperature changes, the pressure becomes larger, the metal inside the battery is prone to severe chemical reaction, and there is a large amount of energy-flammable and explosive, which may cause a warehouse fire or aircraft accident. Every year, due to improper operation of the battery or the power of the sender concealing the battery, the aircraft occurs fire and has devastating consequences.

Therefore, in international air freight, the battery products needs to be packaged in strict accordance with the requirements of the airline, and then accomplish the rest work and palletizing, and through a professional international freight forwarder to book and handle a series of preparations before take-off.

Air freight for battery products

Battery products generally include: rechargeable batteries, mobile phone lithium batteries, button batteries, solar cells, lithium batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, fuel cells, battery packs, nickel-cadmium batteries, dry batteries, photovoltaic cells, lead-acid batteries, and so on.

Documents of international air freight for battery products

Chemical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS),

UN 38.3 test certificate (lithium battery air transport),

Dangerous certificate

Packing List

Commercial invoice

Battery international air transport packaging requirements

The outer packaging must be tough and there should be no traces of cutting.

Boxed must be filled, there must be no gaps

Batteries must be wrapped and separated by foam.

Must have a qualified battery label

Why choose us for international air freight for battery products

With years of experience in battery air freight from China handling operations, there are more than 1,000 successful cases and countless long-term cooperative customers.

Responsible for the whole process of professional quotation, guidance packaging, preparation of documents and other work.

Choose an air carrier. According to the actual cargo and destination airport, choose the right airline that can transport the battery products. There are different airlines and transit airports, so the airline routes are different. Most international airlines do not provide air freight services for battery products, so only familiar with international air freight forwarders can arrange air freight quickly and smoothly.




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