air freight rates per KG from China to switzerland

air freight rates per kg from China to switzerland

Current air freight rates per kg from China to switzerland in 2020
Airport of departure Airport of destination Price(RMB/KG) Airline Direct/transit Flight Transportation time(days)
YNT Yantai Penglai International Airport ≥45kg ≥100kg ≥300kg ≥500kg ≥1000kg LX/PO / BT / BA / TK / SU / 3U  
ZRH/Zurich 38 28.5 25.3 24 23 PVG-LEJ-ZRH 2,3,4,5,7 2~3 days
BSL/Basel 36 20.5 20.3 19 19 PVG-LEJ-BSL 2,3,4,5,7 3~5 days
Valid date:2020.02.03 - 2020.03.03

According to the "air freight rates per kg from China to Switzerland", the air transport cost between the two countries can be found out according to different departure airports and different airlines. The price list is applicable from February 3 to March 3, 2020.

Yantai Penglai International Airport is the international airport with most flights in Shandong Province. The export cargo of this airport mainly comes from Yantai, Qingdao, Zibo, Zaozhuang, Dongying, Yantai, Weifang, Jining, Tai'an, Weihai, Rizhao, Binzhou, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Linyi, Heze and Laiwu. A small number of goods come from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and so on. The air freight rates per kg from Yantai Penglai Airport to Zurich and Basel airport in Switzerland represents the air freight rates per kg from China to Switzerland. The air freight rates per kg from other international airports to Switzerland is often the same. If you want to know the cost of air transport between the two countries, you only need to refer to this price list above to get to know which airline can offer such service to Switzerland, where to transfer and when to arrive.

The detailed price from Yantai to Zurich is:RMB 38/kg for goods more than 45kg;RMB 28.5/kg for goods more than 100kg; RMB 25.3/kg for goods more than 300kg; RMB 24/kg for goods more than 500kg; RMB 23/kg for goods more than 1000kg.

The air freight rates per kg for per kilogram of goods from Yantai airport to Basel airport is: RMB 36/ kg for goods more than 45kg, RMB 20.5/kg for goods more than 100,RMB 20.3 /kg for goods more than 300kg, RMB 19/kg for goods more than 500kg and less than 1000kg.

Famous watch companies in Switzerland want to buy watch boxes and watch bands from China. The national production factory is located at NO.5 Wenling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao. The latest packing list details are:
Product Name: packing box, leather strap
Quantity: 80 cases
Package size: 60 * 50 * 30
Unit weight: 19 kg / box
Total volume: 7.2 m3
Total weight: 1520 kg.

What is the total cost air transport of this shipment from China to Switzerland? According to the "Price List of Air Transport from China to Switzerland in 2020", the air freight rates per kg for goods more than 1000 kg is RMB 23/kg. Therefore, the total air transport cost is RMB 23/kg * 1520kg = RMB 34960.

We take the price quotation of LX Swiss Airlines as reference. The airline is mainly engaged in passenger service, seldom transporting goods, but there is no problem with transporting small quantities of goods. It is recommended to choose TK Turkish Airlines or other three major Chinese airlines for the transportation of pallets or large quantities of goods. PO Polar Airlines and BA British Airways have advantages over LX in terms of service and price.

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