air freight per kio from China to luxembourg

Air freight cost per kg from China to Luxembourg in 2020

air freight cost per kg from China to Luxembourg in 2020
Airport of departure Airport of destination Price(RMB/KG) Airline Direct/transit Flight Transportation time(days)
PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport ≥45kg ≥100kg ≥300kg ≥500kg ≥1000kg TK /  PO / LG /O3 / KL /HU / AF / CZ /3V /LX /TG / 5X  
LUX/Luxembourg (capital) 59.5 17 16.8 16 16 PVG-LEJ-LUX 2,3,4,5,7 3 days
  LUX/Luxembourg (capital) 0 25 23 22 22 CV PVG-LUX Everyday 1 day
Valid date:2020.01.26 - 2020.02.26

The air freight per kg from China to Luxembourg in 2020 describes in detail the unit price for per kilogram of goods for each weight segment, the airlines providing such services, the transit airport, the effective time of air freights, and the introduction of first-level international air freight forwarders.

First of all, the departure airport is PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which is one of the two international airports in Shanghai. The reason why this airport is chosen to introducethe fright of air transport from China to Luxembourg is that it is backed by the Yangtze River Delta and is the largest international airport for China's air cargo export transportation. Its air transport cost has certain reference value.

Luxemburg is one of the rich countries in Europe, with a small land area. There is only one international airport in Luxembourg. Unlike many other European countries with many international airports in one country. To inquire about the air freight cost per kg from China to Luxembourg, you only need to select the airport of departure and refer to the above price list and quickly get to know how much the air transport cost is.

CV Luxemburg International Airlines is a very good cargo airline, which provides passenger and cargo services between China and Luxembourg. The direct flight is provided for the service from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Luxembourg International Airport, one flight a day, which is divided into two types, passenger and cargo aircraft. Not only can it offer service for the goods packed in cartons, but also can accept pallets.

There is no service by CV for goods less than 100kg. The unit air freight cost per kg for goods between 100kg and 300kg isRMB 25 per kilogram; for goods more than 300kg and less than 500kg, it is 23 per kilogram; for goods more than 500kg and less than 1 ton, it is 22/kg; for goods more than 1000kg, it is 21/kg. Compared with the air freight cost per kg for per kilogram of goods of CV airlines and other airlines, the price of CV Airlines is much higher than that of other airlines. One offers a direct flight and the other need to transfer from other international airports to Luxembourg. If the cargo do not need to be transported in a hurry, the transit flight can help save a lot of air transport costs.

Airlines providing services from China to Luxembourg include TK Turkish Airlines / PO Polar Cargo Airlines / O3 SF Airlines / LX Swiss Airlines / TG Thai International Airlines / CZ China Southern Airlines

With so many airlines, the experienced international air freight forwarders are needed to inquire about the cheapest air freight from China to Luxembourg, familiar with the flights from various airports and airlines to Luxemburg, the types of aircraft, the space situation, and the average price in the air transport market. Only by comprehensive comparison, can the effective lower air freights be got quickly and accurately.

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