air freight per kio from China to israel

Air freight cost per kg from China to israel in 2020

Air freight cost per kg from China to israel in 2020
Airport of departure < Airport of destination < Price(RMB/KG) < Airline < Direct/transit < Flight < Transportation time(days) <
CAN Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport < ≥45kg < ≥100kg < ≥300kg < ≥500kg < ≥1000kg < TK / RJ / OK / BT /AI / BA / 7L  /SU / 3 U <  <
KSC/Kositz < 40.5 < 26 < 25.8 < 24.5 < 23.5 < CAN-IST-JED < 2,3,4,5,7 < 3~5 days <
 < TLV/Tel Aviv < 27 < 22 < 20 < 19.5 < 19 < HU/LY < CAN-TLV < Everyday < 1 day/ direct flight <
Valid date:2020.02.09 - 2020.03.09 <

It's easy to find out the air freight cost per kg from China to Israel. This list introduces in detail the airport of destination, the choice of cargo transportation service provided by several airlines, the days needed for air transport, and the factors influencing the air transport cost.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the departure airport from China to Israel, which is a very important international air cargo airport in South China. The air freight cost per kg from Guangzhou Baiyun International to Israel represents the market situation of China. You can always find the cheapest air freight as long as you know the relative information about airlines and the flights there.

Compared with the other two major international airports in the Pearl River Delta: Shenzhen Baoan International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport, the air freight cost per kg of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Israel is relatively low. However, the products that can be transported by air are more inclined to ordinary goods, while It is more convenient to transport some products with batteries from Hong Kong to Israel and the procedures are simple.

The destination airports of air transport from China to Israel are Kosice and Tel Aviv. Most of the goods are transported by air to Tel Aviv International Airport, and a small number of goods need to be transferred from Tel Aviv to Kosice International Airport by car. Tel Aviv International Airport, the capital, is not only the most important airport in Israel, but also one of the famous "fifth freedom" transit airports in the world. For air cargo from China to the United States, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions, the service provided by LY Israel Airlines is to fly directly from China to this airport, and then transfer to other countries.

Here, we take the air freight cost per kg from China to Israel provided by LY and HU airlines as an example to introduce the specific unit air freight cost per kg for per weight segment from Guangzhou airport to Tel Aviv airport. The air freight cost per kg for goods more than 45kg is 27/kg; that for goods more than 100kg is 22/kg; that for goods more than 300kg is 20/kg; that for goods more than 500kg is 19.5/kg; that for goods more than 1000kg is 19/kg.

For example, a batch of medical masks and protective clothing were exported from the factory in Huadu District of Guangzhou. The packing list showed a total of 800 pieces, with a total volume of 30 cubic meters and a weight of 6300 kg.

Customers require pallet packaging in the airport warehouse, and one-time export declaration, only one airway bill, and one flight. The delivery time is February 20, 2020. The service is provided by HU Hainan Airlines by direct flight to TLV / Tel Aviv International Airport on February 21.

From the list above, we can find that theunit air freight cost per kg is 19 yuan. Then, according to the summation formula, the total air transport cost of the goods from China to Israel is: RMB 19 / kg * 6300 = 119700 RMB. About 17000 US dollars. This is only the air transport cost, not including the local airport costs and customs clearance and other miscellaneous costs.

If you want to find a cost-effective air transport service, you need to be familiar with the specific Airlines between China and Israel that provide air transport services, and there are multiple flights every week. The following airlines offer superior air services in these two countries: TK Turkish Airlines, RJ Royal Jordanian Airlines, OK Czech Airlines, BT Baltic Airlines, AI India Airlines, BA British airlines, HU HNA Cargo, CA China International Cargo Airlines, CZ China Southern Cargo Airlines

In order to get the lowest air freight from China to Israel, in addition to be familiar with the airlines, you also need a local professional international air freight forwarder in China to help you book and consult these airlines for real-time shipping space, arrange and provide service.

The air freight cost per kg from China to Israel is much higher than that by international shipping to Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Haifa ports, but the transportation time is shorter than that by sea. It usually takes only 1-5 days to fly from China to Israel, and the longest is no more than 10 days. Compared with the price of international express (DHL / Aramex / FedEx / UPS / TNT), the total cost of air freight is higher than that of international express. For transporting goods in the daily, we need to understand the real needs of customers and get the accurate data of goods, then to choose the most appropriate international logistics scheme for customers!

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