air freight per kio from China to india

Current air freight cost per kg from China to India in 2020

Current air freight cost per kg from China to India in 2020
Airport of departure Airport of destination ≥45kg ≥100kg ≥300kg ≥500kg ≥1000kg Airline Transportation time (days)
PVG CCU/Calcutta ¥24.50 ¥13.00 ¥12.80 ¥12.50 ¥12.50 AI Transit 3~51
BOM/Bombay ¥59.50 ¥15.50 ¥15.30 ¥14.50 ¥14.50 Transit 3
DEL/New Delhi (capital) ¥59.50 ¥15.50 ¥15.30 ¥14.50 ¥14.50 Direct 1
BLR/Bangalore ¥24.50 ¥13.00 ¥12.80 ¥12.50 ¥12.50 Transit 3~5
COK/Cochin ¥24.50 ¥13.00 ¥12.80 ¥12.50 ¥12.50 Transit 3~5
MAA/Chennai ¥24.50 ¥13.00 ¥12.80 ¥12.50 ¥12.50 Transit 3~5
LKO/Lucknow ¥24.50 ¥14.00 ¥13.80 ¥13.50 ¥13.50 Transit 3~5
HYD | HYDERABAD |Hyderabad ¥24.50 ¥13.00 ¥12.80 ¥12.50 ¥12.50 Transit 3~5
TRZ/Toroche Pali ¥30.50 ¥22.00 ¥21.80 ¥19.50 ¥18.50 Transit 3~5
TRV/Trivandrum ¥24.50 ¥14.00 ¥13.80 ¥13.50 ¥13.50 Transit 3~5
Valid date: 2020.01.13 -2020.02.13

Air Freight rates per kg from China to India in 2020 details the price from Shanghai Pudong International Airport in China to major airports in India. From the minimum weight of 45 kg to more than 1 ton of goods, the unit price of each kilogram is divided into 5 weight charging levels. The price will always change with the change of market situation every week. The above air freight cost per kg from China to India is applicable before February 2020, as the reference . In order to get accurate quotation, you need to provide detailed packing list, time of completion of cargo work, departure airport and destination airport.

AI India Airlines, the largest airline in India, provides the best international air cargo services among all the airlines between China and India. No matter in terms of shipping space or air transportation time, coverage of airports in India, ground services at destination airports, etc., other airlines can not match. The air freight cost per kg from China to India provided by AI Airlines is medium-high level among all airlines. The air freight cost per kg per kilogram is 2 yuan higher than that of other airlines.

From the "Price List of Air Transport from China to India", we can see that the unit air freight cost per kg per kilogram of goods less than 100 kg is basically twice as high as that of goods more than 100 kg. For example, the air freight cost per kg for goods of 45 kg to less than 100 kg from Shanghai to New Delhi is RMB 59.5 per kg, and that of goods more than 100 kg is RMB 15.5 per kg, which is a large price difference.

From Shanghai airport in China to various airports in India, most of flights need to transit at the capital New Delhi Airport, or Calcutta airport. Although some flights need transit and need more than one or two days of air transportation time, the price difference of air transport is relatively small. This is mainly because the cost of air transport in India is relatively low.

Besides AI airlines, we can also offer the air freight cost per kg of W5 Iran Mahan Airlines / ET Ethiopian Airlines / D7 Asian airlines / sq Singapore Airlines / TK Turkish Airlines / Su Russian Airlines / CZ China Southern Airlines and CA Air China from major airports in China to India.

The price list of air transport from China to India above includes several major airports in India: Calcutta, Bombay, New Delhi (capital), Bangalore, Cochin, Chennai, Lucknow airport, Delabar, Toroche Pali and Trivandrum. India, as a country with a large population, has a population of more than 1.1 billion and a relatively wide range of territory. Therefore, there are more international cargo airports than many other countries.

How long does it take to transport goods from China to India? Transportation time of different airlines transporting goods from different airports to the destination airport is different. Generally speaking, the higher the price/kg of air transport is, the transportation time is shorter. For example, from Shanghai to Mumbai airport, AI and EY are direct flights, which only takes one day; SL airlines need to transfer at DMK Langman airport in Thailand, TK transfers in Istanbul, Turkey, and SG transfers at Singapore airport, which takes 3-5 days. The higher the air freight cost per kg from China to India, the less time it will take.

What's the cheapest price for transporting goods from China to India? air freight cost per kg can be divided into off-season and peak season. The air freight cost per kg is low in the off-season, but high in the peak season. At the same time, if you want to find the lowest air freight, you need to confirm with each airline one by one.

There are many airlines providing services at the same departure airport. The air freight cost per kg they offer are all subject to changes in the market. International Freight forwarders with sufficient experience in the international air cargo transportation market of China and India can find the lowest air freight cost per kg for you at any time according to the cargo situation and your demand.

In addition to passenger aircraft and normal cargo aircraft, the air freight cost per kg from China to India has increased significantly in recent years. The air transport services can not meet the market demand due to the obvious increase in international air cargo demand between China and India. Many domestic airports in China have provided charter services for air transport to India, such as freight charter flights from Xi'an Xianyang International Airport to DEL New Delhi, charter flights from Wuhan to New Delhi and so on.

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