air cargo rates per KG from China to greece

air freight rates per kg from China to greece

Current air freight rates per kg from China to greece in 2020
Airport of departure Airport of destination Price(RMB/KG) Airline Direct/transit Transportation time(days)  
SZX Shenzhen ≥45kg ≥100kg ≥300kg ≥500kg ≥1000kg CA Air China  
ATH/Athens (capital) 40.5 26 23.8 19.5 18.5 SZX-PEK-ATH    
SKG | Thessaloniki | Greece 40.5 26 23.8 19.5 18.5 HKG-SGN 1  
ER/Heraklion 31.5 28.5 25.3 24 22 HKG-SGN 1  
Valid date: 2020.01.16 -2020.02.16

Air freight rates per kg from China to Greece is from CA. It transports goods from Baoan International Airport in Shenzhen to three major international airports in Greece: Athens, Saloniki and Heraklion. The valid dates are the second half of January and the beginning of February 2020, which is right in the time for the Chinese Spring Festival.

If you are engaged in international trade between China and Greece, like cross-border e-commerce, international freight forwarders, international logistics companies, etc., and need international air transport services, you can take the list above as a reference to query and calculate your own costs. What's more, we can find out which airports offer air services for exporting to Greece, and the airports where goods arrive in Greece. How long does it take to transport from China to Greece? Is there a direct flight.

650 kg of hospital equipment needs to be picked up from Huizhou and transported to Thessaloniki airport by air. What is the air transportcost? Huizhou is almost the same distance from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport.

We choose to export by air from Shenzhen airport. The air freight rates per kg for goods between 500 kg and 1000 kg from Shenzhen to Thessaloniki airport is 19.5 RMB per KG. Then the calculation formula of the total air transport cost of this cargo is: RMB 19.5/kg * 650 = RMB 12675.0. Plus the pick-up fee, export declaration fee and airport warehousing fee, it is basically all the expenses that the CIF consignor needs to pay under the trade terms.

It takes 3-5 days to transport from China to Greece. Because there are basically no direct flights for air cargo transportation between the two countries, Air China, which provide more services, need first transport goods to Beijing and then to Athens.

Moreover, most are passenger aircraft, which can not carry large quantities or long and heavy goods. Most of the aircraft provided by TK airlines and SU airlines are freighters, but they all need to transit through a third country. The price of TK Turkish Airlines from China to Greece is higher than that of CA Air China, and the air transportation time required is one or two days longer than that of CA. TK needs to transit in Istanbul and then go to Athens, Greece.

How to find a relatively cheap air freight rates per kg to Greece? The price of air cargo transportation is affected by many factors, which is complex. It will take a day or two for China's foreign trade companies, factories and Greek consignees to compare different airlines and different international air transport agents to find the lowest air freight rates per kg. For people who are not familiar with the international air transport market of China and Greece, they may not even know which company to consult, let alone which company is the first-level agent.

Due to time difference and language problem. Greek consignees are usually more willing to contact the local air freight forwarder about the air freight rates per kg from China to Greece. Some of Greece's international air freight forwarders directly sign up with airlines for a whole year's air freight rates per kg, but most of them cooperate with local air freight forwarders in China, confirming the air freight rates per kg and flight with them before each air cargo transportation.

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