air freight per kio from China to denmark

Price List of Air Transport from China to Denmark in 2020

Price List of Air Transport from China to Denmark in 2020
Airport of departure Airport of destination Price(RMB/KG) Airline Direct /transit Flight Transportation time(days)
NGB Ningbo Lishe International Airport ≥45kg ≥100kg ≥300kg ≥500kg ≥1000kg HO / PO / AI / RJ / TK / 7L /CZ /CA  
CPH/Copenhagen (capital) 19 14.5 12.3 12 12 PVG-HEL-CPH Everyday 3~5 days
BLL/Billund Airport 59.5 17 16.8 16 16 PVG-IST-BLL Everyday 3~5 days
Valid date:2020.02.13 - 2020.03.13

This introduces in detail the air freight cost per kg from China to Denmark, the specific price for per kilogram of goods, the departure airport and destination airport, the airlines and routes, and how long it takes. It is the latest authoritative article about international air cargo transportation between China and Denmark.

Zhejiang Province is the most important export province in the Yangtze River Delta region, and Ningbo Lishe International Airport is the largest international airport in this province. There are also international air cargo airports in the Yangtze River Delta: Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Nantong Xingdong International Airport and Yangzhou Taizhou International Airport. The air freight cost per kg from Ningbo, China to Denmark can represent the approximate air transportation cost of other airports in these areas to Denmark.

There are truck transportation services between these airports. The cost of transferring goods from one airport warehouse to another airport warehouse is only RMB 0.5/kg. The supplier of goods in these areas can choose to export by air from any airport regardless of the airport warehouse.

The specific air freight cost per kg from China to Denmark is as follows: air freight for goods more than 45 kg is RMB 19/kg; for goods over 100 kg is RMB 14.5/kg; for goods more than 300 kg is RMB 12.3/kg; for goods more than 500 kg and less than 1 ton is 12 RMB 12/kg.

The price above are the charges for general cargo from Ningbo to Copenhagen Airport, which are provided by CZ China Southern Airlines, and it is valid until March 13, 2020. There are many factors that affect the air freight cost per kg. The specific and accurate air freight cost per kg should be subject to the booking data of that day. Airlines will issue a published price, most of the cargo is based on the published price to book space. If you need to apply for discount price or shipping space on a specified date, that will be examined and approved according to the actual situation. There are many first-level freight forwarders in Airlines, and the air freights of each agent will be different. There is no uniform air freight cost per kg in the market.

Each airline will publish its own air freight cost per kg according to its own cargo volume and the contracted volume of FOB designated freight forwarder. The most important impact of the air freight cost per kg from China to Denmark comes from airlines. Different airlines have different services and different prices. What are the airlines providing international air cargo services between the two countries? HO Shanghai Jixiang Airlines, PO Polar Airlines, AI India Airlines, RJ Royal Jordan Airlines, TK Turkish Airlines, 7L Silk Road Western Airlines, CZ Southern Cargo Airlines, CA China International Cargo Airlines, BA British Airways.

It's easy to know that the lower the air freight cost per kg by knowing these airlines. By contacting the airline's agent at the local airport, they will provide you with the quotation online and tell you how much the price is and the price provided by which airline.

Knowing the air freight from China to Denmark, we can compare it with the cost of FCL and LCL sea freight, as well as DHL international express, UPS international express, FedEx international express, FedEx international express, and EMS international express to Denmark. In addition to comparing the price, we can also compare the transportation time of various modes of shipping, and finally choose the appropriate logistics mode according to their actual needs. Professional international air freight forwarder in China, which engages in international trade between China and Denmark, is very important.

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