EK air cargo Booking Agency in China

EK air cargo Booking agency in China, export goods from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong to the Middle East, Africa and Europe, air freight quotation, booking,

EK air cargo Booking agency in China, export goods from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong to the Middle East, Africa and Europe, air freight quotation, booking, export customs declaration and so on.

As the world's largest commercial cargo airline, EK is well known in the international air cargo market. Every company has transported goods by EK more or less.

The price of international air freight is several times higher than that of international shipping, but the transportation time is more than ten times faster than that of international shipping.

Compared with door-to-door international express delivery service, international air freight is cheaper by more than 30% ~ 50%. International air freight has advantage especially in terms of time stability.

The airport to airport service of EK has to be booked by EK air freight forwarders in local airports in China.

EK has cooperated with many local international air freight forwarding company in China according to different airports, different routes.

The international cargo routes and flights of EK from China are as follows: PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport, HKG Hong Kong International Airport, PEK Beijing Capital International Airport, CAN Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and INC Yinchuan International Airport.

EK local agent in China can provide real-time air freight quotation for export enterprises, international purchasing companies and consignees, query the latest accurate flight information of EK, confirm whether there is enough space to meet the demand of goods, assist consignors to send goods to the airport customs warehouse, complete export declaration, and timely check and verify the air waybill.

EK air cargo Booking Agent in Shanghai

The booking agents of EK in Shanghai are mainly located in Shiwan Road, Pudong New Area and Haitian 1st Road / Hangcheng 3rd road, Pudong airport,

One of the top 10 EK air cargo booking agents in Shanghai is Sinotrans, which mainly acts for EK China-Africa routes, offering low price of air freight and contracting the largest board of all agents. Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the largest airport for international air cargo transportation in China. The freight routes of EK in PVG are also the most among all its airports in China, and it also has the most agent companies in Shanghai, China.

Different flights have many different first-class international air freight forwarding companies. Usually, the price difference between different Shanghai booking agents of EK is not more than RMB 2 / kg, and the price difference between most agents is RMB 0.2/kg ~ RMB 0.5/kg. So no matter booking through which EK air freight forwarding company in Shanghai, the total air freight cost is not much different.

EK air cargo Booking Agent in Beijing

EK air cargo Booking agent in Beijing is more than half less than that in Shanghai.

In addition to the local international air freight forwarders in Beijing, the top 10 air cargo booking freight forwarders here also have global companies such as "Dexun".

Different agents have their own advantages in routes and prices of air freight . The prices of air freight of small EK agents are not necessarily higher than those of large first-class agents.

EK air cargo Booking Agent in Guangzhou

In addition to the local international air freight forwarders in Guangzhou, more than half of the Guangzhou EK air freight forwarders are from Shenzhen. Guangzhou is only about 100 kilometers away from Shenzhen, and it only takes an hour or two to get there by car.

The Pearl River Delta region exports a huge amount of cargo by air, and international air freight forwarding company in Shenzhen is closer to leading level in the industry.

Many domestic EK air cargo Booking agents come from Shenzhen, such as Goodhope Freight.

EK air cargo Booking Agent in Hong Kong

As the first airport starting international cargo business in China, EK international air cargo transportation has a very advantageous service and price in Hong Kong.

For electronic products with built-in batteries, liquids, powders, oversized goods, overweight goods, some very small destination airports. EK can provide very competitive services from Hong Kong!

With the increase of EK cargo volume and rich routes, HK booking agent develops faster and bigger than mainland EK air cargo Booking agent.

There are no factories in Hong Kong, and there are no local exports. More than 99% of the goods exported by EK Hong Kong come from Shenzhen, which can be transported to Hong Kong International Airport by truck and then exported by air.

Most of the companies that collect these goods and then transport them by EK agent in HK are Shenzhen international air freight forwarders. If electronic products need to be transported from HK by EK, it is better to contact the freight forwarder in Shenzhen for booking.

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