Air Freight Service for special cargo

Special cargo air freight from China to countries in the world, including oversized and overweight cargo, dangerous goods, auto goods, aquatic plants, animals, plants, pets, cakes, fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

There are strict requirements for special cargo transportation, including: size, load capacity and transit time. Different special goods have different transportation requirements such: packaging ordinary goods, export clearance and inspection, and transportation services.

Air Freight Services for Oversized and Overweight Cargo

Air fright service for oversized and overweight: common oversized and overweight cargo includes mold, hydropower equipment and mechanical equipment. Oversized and overweight cargo are transported from China to the countries in the United States and European.

They generally choose cargo aircraft and cannot choose passenger aircraft, like the Boeing 747-400F can transport 39-tons cargo. The passenger aircraft transport people. The cargo hold is very small. The oversized and overweight cargo cannot choose such an aircraft. For oversized and overweight long cargo, the choice for export airport and destination airport is also very particular. For example, the oversized cargo, the small domestic airport: Qingdao Liuting International Airport and Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, the two airports may not be able to accept more than 6 meters.

How to transport such long cargo? If you have consulted many international air freight forwarding companies and have not found a suitable airport, which because you don’t find a real air freight forwarder to provide you with a suitable solution.

Dangerous Goods Air Freight from China

Transportation services for special cargo and dangerous goods mainly include pure battery products, solar products, automotive engines and other accessories. Each year more than two aircraft accidents caused by batteries bring huge losses to airlines and customers.

This not only affects the safety of the aircraft, but also affects the safety of the passenger. Therefore, whether taking the plane or transporting battery products. Before transporting,it needs a strict security checking. Dangerous goods are transported from China. There is the most choice to choose Hong Kong International Airport. As one of the largest airports in China, Pudong International Airport has a higher acceptance and speed of service than the Hong Kong International Airport. And its inclusiveness is not as big as Hong Kong International Airport.

Aquatic Plants Seeds Air Freight from China

With the development of China's agriculture and animal husbandry, the volume of special cargo like aquatic plants seeds exported from China to other countries is more increasing, such as: chickens, ducklings, goose plants, air freight from China to Nairobi International Airport in Kenya and Africa.

International air freight for such products must comply with the inspection and quarantine of export products, packaging must also strictly comply with the requirements of the corresponding airlines and the time must also be delivered to the airport warehouse within the specified time. Most airlines that can accept aquatic plants and seeds are domestic airlines, such as China Southern Airlines and Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. The departure airport can choose Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Beijing Capital International Airport. Other domestic airports such as Kunming Changshui International Airport also provide such services.

Other special cargo exported from China

In recent years, some ordinary goods such as textile clothes, bags, home appliances, mobile phones, computers, etc. need to be transported from China to other countries, as well as some special goods (animals, plants, pets, cakes, fruits, vegetables and flowers) from China. Airlines and their international air freight forwarders constantly improve their service levels, provide first-class services and air freight prices for different special goods, and then handle export procedures, so that more and more and more products are transported from China to the world, in order to strong support the construction of the national “ One Belt, One Road” .

The airtime of special cargo takes one day from the airport in China to the destination airport. The customer asks the airline to provide overnite transportation and service every day, otherwise the product will lose its value. International air freight forwarders need have the operational experience for air cargo export of these special cargo, and assist sellers and buyers to complete the customs clearance in destination. At the same time, it is necessary to prepare the corresponding documents in advance and coordinate the matters in each step. In this way, the special cargo transportation can be completed quickly and smoothly. Save costs and create value for customers!

Special cargo transportation from China, you need to find a professional international air freight forwarder to provide you with good service and to avoid detours. Make the business more and more smooth, and get bigger and bigger. GoodHope Logistics Limited has more than ten years of experience in special cargo transportation, and can develop a suitable air freight solutions for customers. It is worthy of your long-term cooperation partner in international air freight!

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