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The airmail is a kind of international air freight door-to-door service, which is mainly suitable for personal airmail of small items. The maximum load capacity of airmail specified by each country is no more than 2 kg per parcel.

The shipper will post the airmail to the local post office, and then the local post office will provide a tracking number of airmail, which can tracking and trace the delivery time through the tracking number.

International airmail is a method of logistics between countries and post offices, such as between the post office in China and post office in the United States. International airmail transported from China to the United States are delivered to various regions in China, and then air freight from airport in China to the customs bonded warehouse in the United States, the post office in the United States accept the airmail and deliver to customers according to the address, and the postal system data between the two countries is shared.

The advantage of airmail is that it is cheap, the customs inspection is low, and the consignee does not need to pay import duties.

The disadvantage of airmail is that the maximum weight is two kg, and the length is limited, and it is not possible to transport multiple parcels and oversized cargo; the speed is slow, it usually takes more than 15 days, sometimes even takes three months; the compensation is slow, if the package is lost, it takes a long time to apply for compensation. In short, airmail is more suitable for personal goods of logistics services, serving individuals.

Airmail Area of application

The airmail is mostly used for e-commerce websites, such as AliExpress, eBay, Joom, Wish, Amazon. Recently, more and more companies sell their products on their own website platforms, using airmail services to air freight from China to various buyers around the world; the airmail is also used for the transportation of small items of goods between individuals and overseas relatives. For example, a person in Shanghai who use airmail transport a few clothes to a girlfriend in Melbourne, Australia, after buying clothes in Taobao, then after filling out the form in the local post, the bureau can easily send it to Australia without special documents and formalities.

Types of international airmail

The types of airmail is divided two ways according to the post offices, which can be divided into parcel postal and registered mail.

The difference between the two ways: 1. The ordinary parcel postal does not provide the tracking number and trace, and the registered mail provides the tracking number and trace; 2. If the parcel postal is lost, the post office will not compensate, and the registered mail will have corresponding compensation; the cost of parcel postal is cheaper than that of registered mail .

According to the countries and regions, international air parcels can be divided into: China Post, Hongkong Post, Russian Post, Dutch Post, DHL Parcel, Malaysia Post, EMS Hong Kong and so on.

According to the attributes of the goods, it can be divided into: ordinary goods postal parcels, with the battery products, pure battery products, cosmetics, food and other airmail.

Declaration Requirements Airmail

It is recommended that customers truthfully fill out the customs declaration form, and the declared value should be consistent with the actual value. The airmail envelopes is not accepted, such as: GIFT (gift), Accessories (accessory), Toy (toy), Adornment (ornament), etc.

Packaging and Weight of Airmail and Product Restrictions

  • 1) The chargeable weight is based on the actual weight of airmail for the airlines; the minimum weight of one shipment is 10 grams, even the weight of the goods is less than 10 grams, it is also charged at 10 grams, and the maximum weight can not exceed 2KG;
  • 2) Non-cylinder goods: length + width + height ≤ 90CM, the length of one side ≤ 60CM;
  • 3) Cylindrical goods: twice the diameter + length ≤ 104CM, the length of one side ≤ 90CM, twice the diameter + length ≥ 17CM, length ≥ 10CM;
  • 4) Packaging requirements for airmail: standard packaging, only label, do not need other return address, the outer packaging can not have any LOGO;
  • 5)

    Prohibited airmail: All goods that cannot be mailed or restricted according to the air cargo tariff and rules, such as powders, liquids, flammable and explosive materials, as well as tobacco and alcohol, cash and securities, infringing products compressed gases, oxidizing substances, toxic substances, radioactive substances, infectious substances, corrosive substances, magnetic substances, goods prohibited by the national laws and postal laws and regulations, and customs regulations.

If our company finds that there is contraband or customs deduction or the goods cannot be transported, our company will not make any compensation, the air freight will not be refunded, and the shipper must also bear all possible losses afterwards.

Airmail Delivery

When using the Good Hope Company to deliver airmail, please try to pack the bags in advance according to our price range. Some goods with batteries and without batteries need to be delivered separately. Please refer to the price list for details below. If the goods are delayed due to mixing , the customer needs to bear the cost.

For the safety of your goods, air parcels of our company only accept lists in electronic format (customers can make their own forms, including at least: number, country, weight, total number of votes, etc.). The customers have their own system form, when deliver the goods before, need to provide data to our company (can also interface with the API system, if you do not need to provide data with the API), please send an email to let us operate, and provide the corresponding e-mail of salesperson, the customer who can make the form don’t need to send an electronic list.

Note: The customer must provide an accurate electronic list. After receive goods, we will compare them with the list. If there is a missing item, we will arrange to find the goods or check view monitoring, but if a customer does not match the actual goods three times in a row, and after verification, it was found that the list provided by customer was wrong. Our company will not be responsible for this error, and the quantity of goods actually received by our company will prevail.

Airmail Disclaimer

  • 1) Loss or damage caused by defective materials or ingredients; o Customs detention and customs clearance delays due to suspected unlawful goods at the destination customs; some reasons, such as: incorrect description of the goods, false declaration, low declaration or other reasons, cause the goods to be detained, destroyed or confiscated;
  • 2) Unqualified packaging causes the goods to be delayed or damaged
  • 3) Changing the recipient's name or address, and the return goods will not be delivered again, which causes the goods to be detained and failure to complete the additional delivery services;
  • 4) When deliver, the airmail package is intact, there is no trace of unpacking, and the recipient has signed the goods according to the procedures, however, later, the recipient found that the goods was lost or damaged;
  • 5) Natural disasters, political factors, nuclear explosions or war cause the goods to be delayed, lost or damaged.

Airmail Risk Warning

The international airmail service is more convenient and cheaper than commercial express (DHL International Express, UPS International Express, TNT Express, FedEx FedEx) but also there are corresponding risks.

Please read the following risk tips carefully. If you choose the GoodHope Logistics Company, you can accept and are willing to take the risks listed below.

  • 1.Airmail of all countries do not promise the delivery time, according to the postal regulations, the post offices provide general postal services, and they do not promise the delivery time; therefore, Therefore, it is not possible to file a claim with the post office for the delivery time.
  • 2.

    Since the postal and UPU data of various countries are affected by the actual conditions in the local area, even if it is a registered airmail, the post office cannot provide the delivery data of the whole process.

    if the registered airmail do not have any delivery information but it doesn't mean that the airmail has not been delivered. Sometimes, there are no delivery information, the goods will still be delivered to the recipient. Please contact with your buyers whether they have received the goods, but not only based on the information on the website;

  • 3. The reason why the airmail can not be received by the customer may include customs inspection and deduction, wrong address. The above factors are not influenced by postal office, so the post office will not make any compensation;
  • 4. If the airmail can be tracked online, which means that the airmail has been delivered by post. Our company does not assume any responsibility for the parcel after delivery, but we will assist the customer to track and trace in order to get the claims
  • 5. After tracking and trace the airmail, the different post offices give the different the feedback time. In a short time, it is one month, and the long time may be as long as 60 days or more, but the specific time cannot be tracked. The local post office cannot be asked to answer any questions about the airmail before tracking and track;

I hope that you can use the international airmail service well, and at the same time avoid the corresponding risks and smoothly operate the cross-border e-commerce business. The Good Hope will always become your strong backing!

Tariff in Various Countries for Airmail (for reference only)

  • 1. The declared value of airmail must be filled in truthfully, however, if the tariff exceeds the tariff standard at destination, there is additional tariffs, please fill in carefully.
  • 2. 1. The following is the national tariff standard for airmail. The customers can declare according to the tariff standard of each country.
  • 3. The declared value of GoodHope Company defaults to USD (USD).
  • 4. The customers must fill the declared value and product name when ordering.

((Note: Argentina introduced a new regulation on January 22, restricting online shopping for their citizens, restricting up to 2 overseas online shopping per year. If the purchase amount exceeds 25 US dollars for one year, the additional 50% duty will be paid.)

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